GAGAS Lone Star State Official Status
Gaga on the Wall
Gagas Offical Status Declared By the State of Texas


Gabi, unimpeachable originator of Gaga.
Gabi, unimpeachable originator of Gaga.

I was Gaga first. I can prove it. Declared by my granddaughter and made official by the State of Texas. All the other grandmothers had laid claim to the desirable names; Nana, Mimi, Gigi, Gagme, etc. So I said I will be whatever she calls me. And I waited and repeated Graaa-ma about a million times and then one day when that baby was not even two years old she said, “hi doggy.” “Doggy!” Could I live with doggy? You bet. Anyone that has the unconditional love of a child can answer to “gagme.” But she quickly knew I wasn’t a doggy and changed it to Goggy and then Gaga. I ordered crowning vanity plates from the Lone Star State, which of course is unimpeachable validation.

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  1. Love the story. I have a brother who could not pronounce words with tr, he used the f. My step father was a truck driver. Needless to say what his occupation was when anyone asked 🙂

    Cheers, Danny

    1. Hi Danny,
      Children just melt my heart. That is the cutest story. I bet all the brothers and sisters loved to get him to say words that started with tr! Thanks for visiting and sharing the story. Gabrielle has been such a joy as I am sure your grandchildren are to you. Sometimes the pesky parents get in the way, lol. I hope you will go to the post called God’s Cheetah Plate, an actual prayer I was fortunate enough to hear and share with y’all.
      Please visit often,

  2. I am also known as Gaga – a name given to me by my granddaughter too! I also told everyone she could call me whatever she wanted. I never expected her to call me Gaga but boy – when she did it was the cutest and most precious word to come out of her mouth!

    I love your website/blog. I need serious help with my roses so I plan to do plenty of reading for a while!

  3. Susan:

    I love the comments about how you received your pet name “Gaga”. Nicknames have a way of holding on. I was a little red headed boy in youth. My friends called me red (now I’m silver). I am 90 or will be Apr 24th. Your web page is very colorful. Congratulations.


    1. Ted,
      Thank-you for your wonderful comments. Do they still call you Red? I bet they do. 90?! I can’t believe it! And you have accomplished so much. I loved your article on Knock Outs as well. It was truly insightful. Thank-you for sharing it with me.
      I hope you are a frequent visitor.
      Susan Fox aka Gaga

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