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Angel Sleeping

Angel Sleeping

Angel Sleeping
Dear Gaga

I will set the scene for the prayer. Gabrielle, the heretofore identified unimpeachable originator of the name Gaga, is about to say her first prayer out loud. She is little more than a baby, perhaps a few months over two years old.  The family is gathered at the dining room table ready for the blessing. Gaga, Grandpa, her parents are all there and we hold hands and wait for her angelic prayer presumably to God, and she bows her head, lifts her little voice to the heavens and she says clear as a bell for all to hear “Dear Gaga, please take care of Gaga, watch over goggy, please bless gogster; have angels take care of Gaga and so on.” I don’t remember quite how many mentions that I got since I was still overwhelmed at the sheer weight of being prayed to. But here is what I was vehemently praying at the same time. “Please God, let her ask Gaga in all her magnanimity, to watch over a few others as well because she has to maintain some popularity around here.”

Now we have not mentioned my friend and neighbor at the time Stacy but it’s time for her to enter into this garden story. I told Stacy about, from what now on we will reference as “The Prayer to Gaga.” And she said, classic Stacy, “Well, you must be her spiritual center.”

You may be thinking, tell us Gaga, “What does this have to do with the garden path we are on?” And I will say to you Grasshopper, “Everything.”

Our OUI ONES are moldable and when they are little essentially they think of us on the same plane as some higher spiritual power. This is the time to connect them with the beauty of growing, planting and caring for things that grow in the earth.  They want to be in the garden, dig in the dirt, plant and grow things with us. So we are going to diverge from our greenhouse path and plant a fall garden transitioning to the winter perennial garden with a 12 year old, 4 year old and a 23 month old. Do not fear “OUI” are working on the plans and buying the materials for the new and improved Greenhouse. More to come. I had to take a little trip to Ramsey, Illinois, population 1100,  birthplace of Tex Williams.  That dear readers is another story altogether.

We have chosen a small garden to make-over into a perennial garden that the children can help plant and play in during the winter months.

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8 Responses to An Open Prayer To Gaga

  1. laura says:

    I was thinking the whole time I read this “I wonder if they have a Oui Ones Garden…” I think those babies are very lucky to have a grandmother like you. And yes, they are like clay, moldable and open to the possibilities of the world. Thanks for posting this sweet story 🙂

    • Profile photo of Gaga Gaga says:

      The Oui Ones are amazing. When Oui want to feel like Santa Claus Oui go see them. And the celebrating begins with sqeals of joy, a dance aptly named happy feet and lots of hollering our name. It’s like Christmas, Santa, and his reindeer all just arrived. Oui get unconditional love showered on us and pure powerful dangerous entertainment because you will swear they are trying to kill themselves most the time. Love, Gaga

  2. Jim Muhlenbruch says:

    All OUI who know Gaga worship her creativity and sense of humor. OUI always look forward to her next postings. Keep it up Gaga!

  3. stacy says:

    Wow! Had forgot all about that that memory. Was thinking of the time she prayed for safe driving with papa. You are sure speading some good joy for the soil..i mean soul! Love me osme soil food!

    • Profile photo of Gaga Gaga says:

      Dear Irreplaceable, Unforgettable, Quotable Stacy, remember when Lily was praying fervently in church and you leaned over and asked your dear child what was she praying for and she said “I was praying God would hurry up and get me outa here!” Love, Gaga

  4. Linda F. says:

    That was indeed a priceless memory! I tried to come up with one somewhat equal to it, but I am having one of my usual “senior moments.” I am loving all the updates on your family. And I might even learn something about gardening!

  5. Lorrie Stacy says:

    Gaga’s an excellent name! That story was so sweet and colorful!. Enjoyed meeting you tonite. I’ll keep checking your posts. My daughter is coming in for the weekend from U of Arkansas…Go Hogs!…. so perhaps the following weekend I can plant the lariope.

    I would love to see your landscape, so maybe I could call you sometime to stop by briefly, while I’m walking my furry bestfriend, Spunky?

    Keep in touch. Hm 972.985.7843 mobile 469.231.1532

  6. mustafaelsahli says:

    Nothing is out of place in the multiverse ..everything belonged..everyone belonged ..ppl r like “”leaves of grass”” each growing each important to the whole
    It is time to get our Oui ones connected with nature especially gardens they want to dig in dirt ,,plant..they r looking forward to be with us ….i remember when i was 10 years old i had a desire to get connected with everything anything tangible …now i realize the source of this is cuz the tangible is made of the same elements which we own ..the structure of everything is composed of the same elements we have this is why we r longing &desiring to be in connection with them…this is why everything belonged everyone belonged

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