Kids Love Tools

Kids Love To Use Tools

Life happens in the garden. From the miracle of seed germination, to watching the plethora of pollinators that converge on the garden, gardening is an interactive way to engage children. From growing your own food, flourishing relationships, to caring for the earth it all begins at ground level. Get out and play in the dirt with your kids!

Ten Ways To Get Kids In The Garden

  1. Provide a dedicated space for the garden

    The Raised Kids Garden

    The Raised Garden: Insignia Concrete Block

  2. Start your seeds inside then transplant together in your garden

    'Sow' Easy A Baby Can 'Sow Seeds' For The Kids Garden

    ‘Sow’ Easy A Baby Can ‘Sow Seeds’ For The Kids Garden

  3. Kids love tools; get them their own set and teach them how to maintain them

    Kids Love Tools

    Kids Love Tools

  4. Buy plants with a proven track record of success like Proven Winners

    Salvia, a perennial pollinator attractant

    Salvia, a perennial pollinator attractant

  5. Gardening gloves for kids are always a favorite

    Kids Love Gardening Gloves

    Kids Love Gardening Gloves

  6. Kids love to haul things in carts & wheelbarrows. Have them available if possible for easy tasks.

    Kids Love To Haul Things As Helpers

    Kids Love To Haul Tools

  7. Let kids dig, plant & measure plant growth Kids Getting Down

  8. Count and list visitors to the garden Catching Frogs & Roosters

    Share the bounty with friends & neighbors

    Veggies for Sale | CSA

    Veggie Bounty | Kids Garden Veggie Stand CSA

  9. Start a veggie stand to sell extra tomatoes as a neighborhood CSA

    Family Relationships Grow

    Family Relationships Grow

    Starting The Raised Bed From The Ground-Up

    Starting The Raised Bed From The Ground-Up

    The Sniff Test

    Fragrance Is Important To Kids


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