A Rose By Any Other Name…

The Desert Shall Bloom Like the Rose" Entryway to the Walk of Roses | Summerific® 'Perfect Storm' - Rose Mallow - Hibiscus hybrid - perennial by Proven Winners

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” ~ William Shakespeare

Fun is one of the most mysterious words in the English language. Catch it, contain it, bottle it and sell it if you can. Define it if you dare. Each person has a different idea of fun. Fun comes when you least expect it so be on the look out or you may miss it. Seldom have I found ‘fun’ when it was planned and most expected, and often I’ve found it when it was least expected.

The Desert Shall Bloom Like the Rose" Entryway to the Walk of Roses | Summerific® 'Perfect Storm' - Rose Mallow - Hibiscus hybrid - perennial by Proven Winners
Number Of Seven | Summerific® ‘Perfect Storm’ – Rose Mallow – Hibiscus hybrid – perennial by Proven Winners

Such is the case when I discovered that a hibiscus is known by the name ‘rose mallow’. I planted this gentle tropical giant at the entry of the Rose Walk Way in the Rock Rose Garden. The shear audacity of a giant tropical ‘Rose Mallow’ planted in the middle of a country setting across from corn fields was fun and it tickles me pink. This is the essence of a juxtaposition.

Summerific® 'Perfect Storm' - Rose Mallow - Hibiscus hybrid - perennial by Proven Winners With Lion Garden Statues Smelling The Fragrance
Summerific® ‘Perfect Storm’ – Rose Mallow – Hibiscus hybrid – perennial by Proven Winners With Lion Garden Statues Smelling The Fragrance

The Hibiscus ‘Rose Mallow’

Native to China, the hibiscus is confused often times with many plants; from the ‘Rose of Sharon’ to Hollyhocks it has been cultivated in the United States and Japan for thousands of years.

Summerific® 'Cranberry Crush' Rose Mallow Hibiscus hybrid
Summerific® ‘Cranberry Crush’ Rose Mallow Hibiscus hybrid

It’s the genus of over 200 plants! It comes in large rose, yellow, purple, pink and white flowers. Most varieties have large flowers from 6-12 inches blooming in late summer.

‘Rose of Sharon’ | ‘And The Desert Shall Bloom Like A Rose’~ Isaiah 35:1

'Rose of Sharon' | The Flower of The Field | "The desert shall bloom like the rose" Isaiah 35:1
‘Rose of Sharon’ | The Flower of The Field | “The desert shall bloom like the rose” Isaiah 35:1

 The phrase ‘Rose of Sharon’ that folks confuse the hibiscus rose mallow with appears in English in 1611 as “the flower of the field” in the King James Bible. The speaker (beloved) says, in the song of Solomon 2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley”. The previous translations had referred to it simply as ‘Flower of the Field”.

'Rose of Sharon' | The Flower of The Field | "The desert shall bloom like the rose" Isaiah 35:1
‘Rose of Sharon’ | The Flower of The Field | “The desert shall bloom like the rose” Isaiah 35:1

Bible scholars think it’s a catch phrase that could be a mistranslation referring to:

  • Crocus A kind of crocus growing as a lily on the coastal plain of Sharon
  • Tulip – Bright red tulip prolific on the Hills of Sharon
  • Madonna Lily, commonly know as the ‘Lily of the Valley’ mentioned in Song of Solomon 2:1
  • Narcissus, Rose

    'Uncle Joe' in the Rock Rose Garden | "Summerific® Perfect Storm Rose Mallow hybrid Hibiscus "
    ‘Uncle Joe’ in the Rock Rose Garden | “Summerific® Perfect Storm Rose Mallow hybrid Hibiscus “

Only one of the species is a member of Rosaceae, (the rose family). ‘Rose of Sharon’ lack of precise meaning therefore is used often in song and verse. Though the identity of the flower still remains unclear its that very lack of precision that makes it a useful catch phrase. The species it refers to in modern usage is a member of Rosaceae. And the Hebrew word translation reads “And the desert shall bloom like a rose.” RoseofSharon1

Most interesting is a translation committee from ‘Song of Solomon’ 2:1 thinks “Rose of Sharon” is a mistranslation of Hebrew word for crocus. And etymologists’ tentatively have linked the word for beṣel, meaning bulb and understood as meaning either pungent or splendid.

National Flower of S. Korea ‘The Rose of Sharon’ Mugungwa

‘Rose of Sharon’ is the National Flower of S. Korea. Its pronounced (moogooonwa).  It was first used by the actual term mugunghwa and was first employed during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).

“The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.” ~Isaiah 35:1 KJV

For more information about roses visit The American Rose Society Web site.

'Litchfield Angel' Bathed in Sun Light by David Austin Roses
‘Litchfield Angel’ Bathed in Sun Light by David Austin Roses

‘Stormy Weather’ Climbing Rose, Mauve or Purple?

'Stormy Weather', LCI Beautiful large flowered climber blooming in candelabra of purple blooms or do you call them mauve?

The weather across the U.S. calls for a rose aptly named ‘Stormy Weather’ for Wordless Wednesday. Join the debate, leave a comment. Color is subjective. How do you see the color of ‘Stormy Weather’?

  1. Mauve
  2. Purple
  3. Burgundy

Vote in the comment section or tweet your vote.

'Stormy Weather', LCI Beautiful large flowered climber blooming in candelabra of purple blooms or do you call them mauve?
‘Stormy Weather’, LCI Beautiful large flowered climbing rose bush blooming in candelabra of purple blooms or do you call them mauve?
'Stormy Weather' Climbing Rose Candelabra
‘Stormy Weather’ Climbing Rose Filled With Blooming Candelabra

The little ruler was provided by The Seedkeeper Company, the best source for organizing your seeds.



Rosy Raccoon Raiding Roses

Rosey Racoon Captured in a Safe Capture & Release Cage
Rosey Racoon | Here comes trouble with a capital 'T'! Right Here is Rose garden city!
Rosy Raccoon | It’s 3:00 AM Do You Know Where Your Raccoon Is? | I Do!

Things began to be tossed about in the rose garden. ‘Golden Showers'(LCI), a yellow large-flowered climber I just planted next to ‘Dublin Bay’ was dug up. The bird bath was slung into ‘Love Song’. Weight of the planters was no object.

It looked like a mini-Incredible Hulk was on a rose-garden rampage. Enter trail-cam. ‘Big Daddy’ is a problem solver. We needed facts. What type of creature are we dealing with? The first night I forgot and let our kitties, re-gifted to us by our grand-kids, fondly known as the garage girls outside and we captured a black kitty.

Squeaks was the first capture in our safe catch & release program!
Squeaks our black kitty that was re-gifted to us was the first capture in our safe catch & release program!

The second night we camouflaged the cage with ‘Big Daddy’s’ tarp. The temptation that landed us our Rose Garden midnight marauder was sardines! Oh yeah!

Rosey Racoon Captured in a Safe Capture & Release Cage
Rosy Raccoon Captured in a Safe Capture & Release Cage
Rosy Raccoon Turned Out To be Our Night Time Rose Garden Assailant
Rosy Raccoon Captured Along The Rose Walkway

Take note that Rosy must have felt right at home in the rose garden since we have a raccoon carving ‘Welcome Statue Carving’ at the entrance of the rose walkway. Look at the Trail Cam pic for the Raccoon carving. Irony abounds at Gaga’s Garden. Now Rosy Raccoon is captured. We believe in safe catch and release. We took her/him to a safe space in the witness protection program, a new identity, by a lake where there are no farms or homes for him to cause mischief or meet us back home before we get back.

Rosey Raccoon's Rose Walkway
Rosy Raccoon’s Rose Walkway


Engaging Kids In The Garden 

Kids Love Tools
Kids Love Tools
Kids Love To Use Tools

Life happens in the garden. From the miracle of seed germination, to watching the plethora of pollinators that converge on the garden, gardening is an interactive way to engage children. From growing your own food, flourishing relationships, to caring for the earth it all begins at ground level. Get out and play in the dirt with your kids!

Ten Ways To Get Kids In The Garden

  1. Provide a dedicated space for the garden

    The Raised Kids Garden
    The Raised Garden: Insignia Concrete Block
  2. Start your seeds inside then transplant together in your garden

    'Sow' Easy A Baby Can 'Sow Seeds' For The Kids Garden
    ‘Sow’ Easy A Baby Can ‘Sow Seeds’ For The Kids Garden
  3. Kids love tools; get them their own set and teach them how to maintain them

    Kids Love Tools
    Kids Love Tools
  4. Buy plants with a proven track record of success like Proven Winners

    Salvia, a perennial pollinator attractant
    Salvia, a perennial pollinator attractant
  5. Gardening gloves for kids are always a favorite

    Kids Love Gardening Gloves
    Kids Love Gardening Gloves
  6. Kids love to haul things in carts & wheelbarrows. Have them available if possible for easy tasks.

    Kids Love To Haul Things As Helpers
    Kids Love To Haul Tools
  7. Let kids dig, plant & measure plant growth Kids Getting Down

  8. Count and list visitors to the garden Catching Frogs & Roosters

    Share the bounty with friends & neighbors

    Veggies for Sale | CSA
    Veggie Bounty | Kids Garden Veggie Stand CSA
  9. Start a veggie stand to sell extra tomatoes as a neighborhood CSA

    Family Relationships Grow
    Family Relationships Grow
    Starting The Raised Bed From The Ground-Up
    Starting The Raised Bed From The Ground-Up

    The Sniff Test
    Fragrance Is Important To Kids


Roses Inny Or Outy?

Corona Tools Needle Nose Pruners

Corona Tools Needle Nose Pruners

Do roses have an inny or an outy?

Yes they do. They have 3-5-7 leaf outward and inward growing leaflets. The question I am asked more than any other question about roses is:

“What’s an outward facing leaflet look like?”

Why is it important to make a cut farther down on your rose cane when pruning or cutting spent blooms?

Because rose blooms are heavy, so it’s important that they grow on canes that can support their weight.

Look closely above the outward growing five leaf leaflet, your next new rose when it begins to grow will grow outward from the center of the bush starting at the bud eye, the area on the stem where branching occurs, just below where you made your cut. If you make your cut from an inward growing 5-7 leaf leaflet then your next rose will grow inward, crisscrossing your rose bush.

Think of your rose bush as you look at it as a vase and shape it that way. Your rose should be shaped like a beautiful vase. Generally, five-leaflet leaves occur at a point on the cane that is sturdy enough to support a new bloom. Ideally, each time you cut a rose from the bush, you leave behind a perfect location for the next rose to bloom.

Who would have thought that roses have innies and outies. Stick to pruning to the outies and you’ll have a beautifully shaped plant.


Plants That Soar | Hear Them Roar |Visit Arkansas

Dragon Topiary at Garvan Gardens
Garvan Gardens, University of Arkansas
Garvan Gardens, University of Arkansas

Garvan Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas

It’s the dog days of summer. Now’s the time for one Last Hoorah. The pace of life speeds up in the fall as you get lots of work done before the holidays. Soon its next year’s budget, planning, and projections, etc. it’s the rhythm of life. For a fun affordable, centrally located place to go, go to Arkansas . Thanks to P. Allen Smith and Mimi San Pedro and her Team each time I visit Arkansas at Garden To Blog. I discover more that I love about the State of Arkansas. So pile the kiddos in the car and take off before the school year starts. Because the next thing you know its Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, the New Year, Passover, Easter, Spring Break and we start all over again. Either way August is a time to spend quality time with our families or just be good to yourself and go see the beautiful Garvan Woodland Gardens for a quiet time of reflection. The less time you spend traveling the more time you have to enjoy the destination. Click on the pictures in my Listly List below. You can vote on the places I’ve listed if you like them and you can add places you have visited. Its great fun!

Garvan Gardens Tour in Hot Springs with Lunch at The Ohio Club

Garvan Gardens is one of the most extraordinary gardens you can imagine. The videos tell the story. The kids will love it because of the Mystic Creatures. Here’s Seraphina, the Phoenix, Roarin’ Rodric, the Sea Serpent and Jolly Roger, the Sasquatch all topiaries that make plants really come to life for kids and adults alike.

The Parisians’ have the right idea in Paris, France everyone closes their shops and go to the seaside in August. You don’t have to cross the pond to find exotic places. Arkansas has some of the best-kept secrets waiting for you and your family to discover together. So pack your bag and pile the kiddies in the car with their iPhone, iPad, and iPods, iTouch, and head to Arkansas where family fun is affordable.

Garvan Gardens State Park
Garvan Gardens State Park

In May after I attended P. Allen Smith’s Garden To Blog 2015, I was invited by the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism’s agency CJRW in Little Rock, Arkansas to check out a few of Arkansas’s hidden treasures. And I do mean hidden. Until you saw one lucky lady on the news show off her find, an 8.2-carat diamond from the Crater of Diamonds State Park did you know that Arkansas has a State Park you can dig for diamonds? I didn’t even know diamonds were above ground.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold | Its Diamonds In Arkansas

8.2 Carat Diamond Found at Crater of Diamonds State Park shortly after I was there!!
8.2 Carat Diamond Found at Crater of Diamonds State Park shortly after I was there!!

I thought they were like coal, underground! I can write a book on “The Prone Grandparent’s Games For Kids”. Here’s a new one for parents. Take a cooler, an umbrella chair, your favorite reading material, and go to the Crater of Diamonds State Park early. You parents can read and snooze all day and turn the kids loose hunting for diamonds! You heard me correctly.

Crater of Diamonds State Park, 209 State Park Road, Murfreesboro, AR 71958
Crater of Diamonds State Park, Swimming Pool 209 State Park Road, Murfreesboro, AR 71958

Does it get better than this? And they can run in any direction for about a mile and you just lift your head up from your snoozing and you can see them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a swimming pool there that was as big and nice as those at a water park. When I was there it was practically empty, and fenced in so the kids can’t run off. So let the kids get hot looking for your new-found fortune and while you are purveying their dig let them cool off in the pool so they can start the next round of digging for diamonds.

You can also call Moss Mountain Farm and schedule a tour of P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm and see the Rose Garden its simply a dream garden. 

P. Allen Smith's Rose Garden at Moss Mountain Farm
P. Allen Smith’s Rose Garden at Moss Mountain Farm

The Ohio Club in Hot Springs has all the ambience so many places try to achieve but can never have, because it’s so real from the days gangsters like Al Capone would frequent it. They told me Mae West did her last performance on a small stage upstairs. You ‘feel’ the atmosphere when you walk in the door.

Ohio Club, Hot Springs, AR | Genuine Old World Atmosphere
Ohio Club, Hot Springs, AR | Genuine Speak Easy, Roarin’ Twenties Atmosphere

I would go back to Hot Springs just to stay at The Arlington. Bath water steams from the faucets in your room directly from the hot springs at a temperature of a natural 145 degrees. Your skin feels renewed and you look like a newborn baby after your bath. Bands play with a 40’s style dance floor and an old world elegance is natural to this, of course, “haunted” hotel.

The Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas | A Beautiful, Elegant Dance Floor
The Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas | A Beautiful, Elegant Dance Floor

We stopped for Happy Hour at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn hosted by Ray and Kristie Rossett. I would definitely book a special stay at this 5 star lovely resort. Beautiful beyond words it’s the perfect anniversary or honeymoon spot overlooking the Arkansas River with gardens tended to perfection. Check out these other great places.

Hi Laura formerly of CRJW now at FLEXJET!

Laura Arnold FlEXJET Global Marketing Manager formerly of CJRW Ad Agency, Little Rock, AR Agency for #ARStory sits by me on the plane!
Laura Arnold FlEXJET Global Marketing Manager formerly of CJRW Ad Agency, Little Rock, AR Agency for #ARStory sits by me on the plane!
Headline for The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas
Susan Fox Susan Fox
13 items   2 followers   2 votes   652 views

The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas

Planning an August Getaway before the kiddos go back to school? Arkansas is ideal! Arkansas is close, affordable, family friendly, has buried treasure and old world charm. If you haven't been to a Presidential Library you don't know what you are missing. The Clinton Library is in Little Rock, the roof top is a garden with a world class view. Plan your Arkansas vacation today!

Jul 19, 2015 - garvangardens.org - 94
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Botanical Gardens in Arkansas - University of Arkansas Botanical Gardens - Garvan Gardens

Garvan Gardens is the University of Arkansas botanical garden. Come visit the crown jewel of botanical gardens in Arkansas! A pristine park that includes a topiary with a dragon that roars that will enchant the kids and keep them happy to be in the car for the short drive to this amazing park. The phoenix constructed of beautiful living plants alone is worth the drive.

Jul 23, 2015 - mossmountainweddings.com - 107
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Moss Mountain Farm Rose Garden | P. Allen Smith

The Rose Garden is located at Moss Mountain Farm which sits on top of a ridge overlooking the Arkansas River Valley. Located just 30 minutes outside of Little Rock, Arkansas this idyllic setting blurs the lines between garden and home, heritage and modern.

P Allen Smith's farm is available for open house tours, private events and weddings. You can Watch the video below to get a preview of the experience at Moss Mountain Farm.

Jul 19, 2015 - craterofdiamondsstatepark.com - 89
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Diamond Mines - Crater of Diamonds State Park

Park Visitor Finds 8.52-carat White Diamond on June 24: An eight-and-a-half carat diamond was found Wednesday (June 24) at the Crater of Diamonds State Park by a visitor from Colorado. She found her gem after only 20 minutes of searching.

Jul 19, 2015 - arlingtonhotel.com - 83
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Hotels in Hot Springs AR | Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa | Hot Springs Arkansas Hotels

Official Website. The historic Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, Arkansas's largest hotel, is located in the heart of downtown Hot Springs National Park. The American Treasure has been hosting guests as one of the South's premiere resorts since 1875.

Jul 19, 2015 - theohioclub.com - 100
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | The Ohio Club - Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Ohio Club is Hot Springs oldest bar. Live music 7 nights a week. Great food too. Hot Springs best nightlife. Hot Springs best bar.

Jul 19, 2015 - superiorbathhouse.com - 93
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Superior Bathhouse has a craft beer tasting room on historic bathhouse row in Hot Springs, AR. Here is a quote from their slip sheet marketing piece: "After sitting vacant for 30 years, the historic Superior Bathhouse in Hot Springs National Park has been renovated and re-imagined into Hot Springs first Craft Beer Tasting Room." When I visited the owner and server were attentive, filled with positive energy and the service was just plain outstanding. And for the record I don't drink beer and the wonderful server found a beer that tasted very grape-fruity which I actually liked. I had a marvelous time in the tasting room.

Jul 19, 2015 - hotspringswaxmuseum.com - 87
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Hot Springs Wax Museum

No trip to Hot Springs is complete without a visit to the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum. This unique attraction takes you through seven different worlds in more than 30 magnificent settings. See everything from celebrities, royalty and presidents to historically accurate battle scenes and a creation of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper."

Jul 19, 2015 - murfreesboroark.com - 98
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Murfreesboro Arkansas - Queen of Diamonds Inn

Murfreesboro Arkansas, near the Crater of Diamonds, Lake Greeson, the Little Missouri River and the Ouachita Mountains, is southwest Arkansas' center for vacations and trips, antiquing, fly fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and water sports.

Jul 19, 2015 - quapawbaths.com - 104
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Quapaw Baths & Spa | Hot Springs, AR | Day Spa & Bathhouse

Quapaw Baths & Spa ... the perfect place to immerse in Hot Springs' acclaimed thermal waters and indulge in luxurious spa services. We offer it all in our beautiful, historic bathhouse, rich with the most modern spa amenities and comforts.

Jul 19, 2015 - hotsprings.org - 83
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | The Gangster Museum of America | Hot Springs, Arkansas
Jul 19, 2015 - hotsprings.org - 111
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Arkansas Walk of Fame | Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs' newest attraction is the Arkansas Walk of Fame, honoring the lives of great Arkansas who have made a significant contribution to our society. General Douglas MacArthur, baseball great Brooks Robinson, President Bill Clinton, and Dr. James Dobson are among the recent inductees. Be sure to take in some great Arkansas history!

Jul 19, 2015 - lookoutpointinn.com - 91
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Hot Springs, AR Bed and Breakfast :: Ultimate Romantic Getaways

Lookout Point Lakeside Inn is an exceptional Hot Springs, AR bed and breakfast. Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains overlooking a tranquil bay of beautiful Lake Hamilton, Lookout Point is a sanctuary for body and soul. You will experience luxury, pampering, relaxation, superb hospitality and privacy in our Hot Springs, Arkansas bed and breakfast.

Jul 21, 2015 - heifer.org - 93
The Best Places To Visit in Arkansas | Heifer International | Charity Ending Hunger And Poverty

Heifer International is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities.

Hi Laura from FLEXJET!



A Spring Garden Comes To Life

P. Allen Smith is Wonderful with Kids
'Nevada' H. Moy in its 2nd Year in Illinois Rose Garden
‘Nevada’ H. Moy in its 2nd Year in Illinois Rose Garden

Heaven “scent” ‘Nevada’ is blooming. When the wind whispers through its softer than angels’ wings petals, one has the allusion that butterflies are fluttering all about. Its a magic rose flower bush. Simply breathtaking. The cool spring continues in Central Illinois. This coolness allows flowers to last and bloom stages to overlap.


Day Lily Blooming
Day Lily Blooming

Day lilies are blooming before peonies while tulips are still in bloom.

Lilacs a Deep Purple
Lilacs a Deep Purple

The lilacs were an intense shade of purple instead of soft lilac. The Mandeville and Lantana that over-wintered in the heated garage looked like they were goners are coming back to life. The wonder of this unusual spring after the 3rd coldest winter on record is worthy of a pictorial record.

Baby Bunnies Born in My Minaiture Rose Pot
Baby Bunnies Born in My Minaiture Rose Pot

Baby birds are being born in my ferns and rabbits are not afraid of me at all. They continue to run over my rabbit scram and have babies in my flowerpots of miniature roses.

Illinois Cherry Blossoms in Bloom
Illinois Cherry Blossoms in Bloom Across the Street

Next week I most fortunate to have been invited along with a group of very talented garden writers (listed below) to HGTV Celebrity P. Allen Smith Moss Mountain Farm, which “is designed around the concept of the garden home, a place where the garden and home are interwoven. The grounds are laid out much like a house with different garden rooms. P. Allen began with the terrace gardens behind the house, the heirloom apple orchard and Daffodil Hill. Since 2008 he’s added a one acre vegetable garden, stone fruit orchard and rose garden.” If you have a chance to visit P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home you should go. If you want to visit the best Web site on gardening and product providers visit the folks I have listed on my Listly List and this is an interactive List. When you visit and you like their site vote them up.


Jobes Organics Container ThrowDown Challenge
Jobes Organics Container ThrowDown Challenge

Let me tell you a story. I used to work for a CEO of a company that believed in education for his employees. He spent what I think most people would consider a vast fortune sending employees to educational conferences. He believes education is key to success in every area of life and he lives by this. One day when one of his highly paid executives returned from a conference and he didn’t receive a single bit of information from them he said and I quote. “The only thing I ever get in return from my investment is what they had to eat or complaints about the lodging.” Why am I telling you this? What is the segue? Next week I feel an obligation to learn as much as possible and bring back lots of information and pictures so you can feel like you are there.


P. Allen is Wonderful with Children
P. Allen is Wonderful with Children

Over Easter I was in Texas. While in the Plano Callaway’s I saw that P. Allen would be in their Hurst location on Saturday. So my granddaughter and I drove to Hurst and listened to P. Allen Smith at a Proven Winners talk. He had so much information and is such an entertaining speaker. I learned so much and if you haven’t watched the little clip you should because Ella sat through his entire presentation and she has some very funny comments about our time at the event.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Let me set the record straight: I didn’t lie to her as she says I just kept saying it would be over soon. And she did sit through the entire demo. I think she was the only 5 year old there and it was a full house! Thank-you P. Allen for being so charming to her and having a picture taken with her.

Headline for Garden2Blog2014
Susan Fox Susan Fox
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Here are a list of garden writers invited to attend T.V. host, designer, gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith's Garden Home annual Garden2Blog event in Little Rock Arkansas to learn and share ideas. P. Allen Smith is one of America's most recognized experts providing ideas and inspiration through multi-media venues and is the host of two public television programs.

Mar 02, 2014 - gagasgarden.com - 181
Garden2Blog2014 | Gaga's Garden®

Make Plans Now to Join Me at The Chicago Flower and Garden Show, Wed. March 19th at 11:00 AM. Let's Make Growing Roses Easy! "Kids do say the darndest things." Traveling South on the N. Dallas Tollway, 5 year old Ella said, [...] Read Full Article →

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Garden2Blog2014 | The Redneck Rosarian

Cultivating Life & Roses

Mar 02, 2014 - thegardendiary.com - 222
Garden2Blog2014 | The Garden Diary

Meet a self-proclaimed ROSE NUT, my rose friend, Baldo Villegas. . . Baldo is a leading expert for the ARS on rose insects and diseases. Before his retirement in 2011, Baldo was the state entomologist for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Mar 02, 2014 - twowomenandahoe.com - 193
Garden2Blog2014 | Two Women and A Hoe

1hoe/'ho/n: one who lives life with grace, dignity, passion and compassion abundantly inspired by the gift of breath. Landscape & Garden Consultations Indoor/Outdoor Sustainable Landscape Design & Installation Green Garden Maintenance, Restoration & Seasonal Pruning Seasonal Container Plantings Rain Gardens Garden Lighting Walks, Walls & Patios Natural Water Features Holiday Decorating A comforting place to...

Garden2Blog2014 | Garden Betty

I love the rain. And one of the reasons I love the rain is because at some point during the day, when there's a break in the clouds and we have a brief moment of stillness, I run out to the yard for a quick round of weeding.


Jerusalem Greer

Mar 02, 2014
Garden2Blog2014 | Jerusalem Greer
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Garden2Blog2014 | The Park Wife

My Life....Just a Walk in the Park

Mar 02, 2014 - gardenlady.com - 217
Garden2Blog2014 | Gardenlady.com Home " gardenlady.com

C.L. Fornari is a master gardener, speaker, writer, radio talk show host and gardening consultant

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Garden2Blog2014 | Harmony in the Garden

Rebecca Sweet

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Garden2Blog2014 | marybethshaddix.com - Mary Beth Digs Gardens and Good Food

Dig into life on the farm with Mary Beth Shaddix. A modern homestead girl, garden writer, editor of Cooking Light Pick Fresh Cookbook, and kitchen garden addict.

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Garden2Blog2014 | Garden Delights: Home

Copyright © Garden Delights. All rights reserved.

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Garden2Blog2014 | Personal Garden Coach

As The Personal Garden Coach, one of the TOP things that clients ask for most frequently is a "Low Maintenance" garden. My job is to ask a lot of questions, delve into the sometimes hidden meanings of key phrases and find out what this means to each individual gardener.

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Garden2Blog2014 | Urban Gardens

February 23, 2014 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Photo by Norman McGrath from Rooftop Gardens: The Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York, Denise LeFrak Calicchio The serenade of the city is hard to ignore, not to mention how it can affect our stress levels. With people bustling, ... Read More...

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Garden2Blog2014 | Our Little Acre

Nothing gets me more excited about the coming spring (on a cold and blustery day) than attending a home and garden show. Mom and I go to the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show every year and this year we were there on opening day.

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Garden2Blog2014 | Jenny Peterson Design
Mar 02, 2014 - theyarden.com - 198
Garden2Blog2014 | The Yarden

The news you hear via mainstream media around the food system may be depressing but I can tell you, from the trenches, there are a lot of smart people in Chicago doing amazing things to change our relationship with food. Read More "

Mar 02, 2014 - thegardenrockstar.com - 198
Garden2Blog2014 | Michael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar | The Garden Rockstar LLC

Michael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar™ is a writer, speaker and noted authority on gardening, food security, homesteading & environmental issues. He is a published author and former editor at The Home Depot Garden Club. Michael Nolan loves gardening. He's been doing it longer than he has been able to walk.

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Garden2Blog2014 | The Bumble Bee Log
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Garden2Blog2014 | Veggie Gardening Tips - Featuring Vegetable Gardening Tips, Organic Growing Techniques, and Unique Plants for the Bac...

Featuring Vegetable Gardening Tips, Organic Growing Techniques, and Unique Plants for the Backyard Gardener

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Garden2Blog2014 | In the Garden with Janet Carson

I got down to the convention center early and the normal drive through slot was closed, so I had to enter in the normal exit area. The "garage" door broke at the end of the show yesterday, so it was a bit congested this morning. But we got in and started loading up.

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Planning A Spring Rose Garden

Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom
Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom
Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom

Growing roses can be easy.

Most gardeners tell me they want a rose garden. Time constraints today demand easy steps to see quick results and the considerable cost that we invest in our gardens require lasting success.

Floribunda Rose Garden Before
Floribunda Rose Garden Before

When asked why they don’t grow roses most people tell me they think roses are difficult to grow. When asked 85% of people say roses are their favorite flower. Why don’t they grow them? They believe roses are too difficult to grow. Growing roses can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be.

Let’s dispel the misconception that roses are difficult to grow by planning a path to successfully establish your rose garden so that you can enjoy the pleasure and the beauty, fragrance and joy of walking through and photographing your very own rose garden, the Queen of flowers.

First decide what you want to do with your roses and the type of roses you want to grow. Be sure you have 6-8 hours of full sun, a source of water and you are half way there. I also posted this project on Hometalk.com the largest home and garden social network where you can find countless ideas whether you are a novice or an expert gardener. You can also read How To Plant A Bare Root Rose, and A Rose Pruning Primer for other rose tips.

Here are ways to enjoy roses:

Landscaping with Roses

Garden in the Summertime
Garden in the Summertime

Rose Photography

Julia Child Spray
Julia Child Spray

Rose Accessorizing

Dried roses from my garden aphotography of garden roses
Dried roses from my garden and photography of garden roses

Flower Arranging

Arrangement by District Director, Linda Kimmel

Rose Collections

Double Delight, Another Reason To Love Her
Double Delight, Another Reason To Love Her

Extension of Interior Décor

Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring
Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring in my Texas rose garden

Showing Roses

Tempo Climbing Rose Bush Entry National Trophy Winner
Tempo Climbing Rose Bush Entry National Trophy Winner











Types of Roses, Available in Every Color Under the Sun 

Moonstone in Gaga's Garden with Rain
Moonstone in Gaga’s Garden with Rain

HT Hybrid teas, large shapely blooms on a single stem with 30-50 petals



Ch-Ching, Appropriate for The Growing Profitability of The Gardening and Landscape Business
Gold Medal, Appropriate for The Growing and Ever Blooming Profitability of The Gardening and Landscape Business







Grandifloras Clusters & trusses of roses with characteristics of a hybrid tea



Betty Boop, floribunda
Betty Boop, floribunda





F Massive, long lasting garden displays rapid bloom cycles








All A Twitter Candelabra
All A Twitter Candelabra

Miniatures edging beds, containers indoor gardens, as a perennial versatilityunrivaled

Amazing Knock-Out RadRaz
Amazing Knock-Out Landscape Shrub, Minimal Care RadRazShrubs







Shrubs: Knock-Out Roses Minimal care landscape roses and Drift Roses


Stormy Weather, Large Flowered Climber
Stormy Weather, Large Flowered Climber







Climbers, arching canes, ability to train over walls, trellises, arbors, pagodas. Flowers in wide variety of forms, colors and shapes.

Be sure to visit Hometalk to get ideas for every kind of garden you can imagine. You can also follow @hometalk on Twitter and search #springgardening for ideas on your new rose garden.

Why I wrote Four Seasons of Roses A Year Long Guide To Help You Grow Beautiful Roses

Vignette II: Changing The World One Garden at A Time: The Peterson Garden Project

Fearless Food Gardening in Chicago by LaManda Joy, proceeds to fund gardens in Chicago

One person can make a difference in the world by teaching people how to grow their own garden.

Peterson Garden Project at Chicago Flower & Garden Show
A couple engaged in learning all about the Peterson Garden Project at
the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

They do work that matters. They change communities. That’s what LaManda Joy is doing in Chicago one garden at a time. Have you heard about it? It’s called the Peterson Garden Project.

Fearless Food Gardening in Chicago by LaManda Joy, proceeds to fund gardens in Chicago
Fearless Food Gardening in Chicago by LaManda Joy, proceeds to fund gardens in Chicago

She wrote Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland to teach folks how to garden, help fund the project and start gardens in their own communities. It’s all about empowering people by teaching them how to grow their own food. She was also a featured speaker at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show,  by Tony Abruscato, President Flower Show Productions also a very active supporter of this worthy cause.


The Peterson Garden Project is a not-for-profit organization that is looking to inspire everyone to grow their own food and in their community. Their mantra is: “If you love the taste of a homegrown tomato, are curious about growing food yourself, and would like to make urban gardening the norm, not the exception — then we’re looking for you!”


Peterson Garden Project Fearless in 14 Exhibit at The Chicago Flower and Garden Show
Peterson Garden Project Fearless in 14 Exhibit at The Chicago Flower and Garden Show

They have modeled their prototype after the Victory Gardens started during WWII when Chicagoans started 1,500 commnunity gardens, and more than 250,000 people started home gardens, too.


People Visiting the Peterson Garden Project in Chicago
Crowds of People Visiting the Peterson Garden Project in Chicago to learn all about how to start gardens in their community and support it by buying LaManda’s book Fearless in 14

They did it all in four short years, and 90% of the people had never gardened before. They say its true that most people today don’t know how to grow food, but it’s a challenge we’ve met before just as Chicagoans did before with the Victory Gardens.


Kids at the Farm
Kids at the Farm

Sunday the youth pastor Max Harris of Ramsey Christian Church said “everyday when you wake up ask your self what does love require me to do?’ If you know a child that’s never had the joy of eaten a tomato fresh from the garden maybe its time to invest in The Peterson Garden Project and your community. If you want to know more about donating to the Peterson Garden Project just follow this link Donate. #Fearlessin14



What A Cool Spring!

Geese Family Welcomes Spring

Geese Family Welcomes Spring

What a cool spring! Weather now fascinates me. Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live skit She Turned Into Her Mother? Summary: In a horror movie spoof, a man (Tom Hanks) watches idly as his wife (Julia Sweeney) makes the full transformation into her mother. That’s now me. Here’s how it happened. I used to travel all the time, my mother would watch the weather channel alerting me to weather perils and appropriate garb to pack. And yes, she watched Murder She Wrote, with Angela Lansbury. One time when she was visiting me in Texas she was booked on a flight back to Chicago that had a connection on the eastern seaboard.

Gander | Goose | Spring Goslings
Gander | Goose | Spring Goslings
Mr. Gander protests as he chased me and gave me a good pinch as I walked away for getting too close to his family 😉

On the sound advice of the weather channel she said to me “the worst snow storm is predicted to hit the eastern seaboard today” and perhaps I should change my flight.” I scoffed and said, “Mother that’s absurd, no one changes their flight based on the weather channel.” We arrived at DFW and practically all the other carriers had cancelled flights heading into the east coast except her carrier and frankly the ticket agent seemed a little worried. I put her on the plane trusting the airlines to make the best decision about cancelling the flight. Later that day she was on the evening news. Her plane skidded off the runway due to icy conditions. She had to slide down the inflatable emergency exit! No one was able to find her for the entire week-end due to the fact that all communications were down for the entire week-end! Can you imagine the hilarity and her vindication of seeing that skit on SNL the first time?

Now it appears I have turned into my mother,

Tots Ready for A Storm
Tots Ready for A Storm


I watch the weather channel and call my kids and tell them to put helmets on the grand-babies and get in the inside room with no windows when there are tornado warnings in Texas. It seems I share a weather fascination with lots of folks. If you love to dig deep into weather charts, graphs and studies visit Jack Falker, The Minnesota Rose Gardener’s site. He talks about  all sorts of weather trends here.


Tot Tornado Preparedness
Tot Tornado Preparedness

It seems based on weather channel predictions my plant hardiness zone 6b will be a longer, cooler spring due to the polar vortex dipping and lingering lower within the Northern Hemisphere. The Doppler radar then showed a beautiful blue polar dip including my zone. So be it. Remember, my mother, the general’s proclamation upon leaving west Texas for Northern Illinois, “its easier to get warm than to cool off.”
After the last few droughts and a couple of summers that I lost count of days over 100 and without rain in Texas I discovered I just may be a natural born Yankee. There I’ve said it. I like cool weather better than hot weather. What a cool spring!



Bonica, Shrub | This is Bonica when I first planted it in my Texas rose garden outside the bay window.
Bonica, Shrub | This is Bonica when I first planted it in my Texas rose garden outside the bay window. That’s a Strawberry Marguerita I have in my hand for the Wine & Rose Tour of the day

Also I was reminded that the first rose that bloomed in Texas was on St. Patrick’s Day and it was always Bonica. Sometimes we might have to wait as late as Father’s Day for the first rose to bloom in Northern Illinois.  

Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring
Bonica, Shrub rose always the first to bloom in the spring in my Texas rose garden