P. Allen Smith Garden2Blog 2014 Event Announced

P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Sho
P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Sho
P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Show, Susan Fox

Pretty, sharp, and professional, Mimi San Pedro, CMO of P. Allen Smith at the Proven Winners display during the #IGCShow last August greeted me instantly. Delighted to wait while P. Allen mesmerized the crowd with the new Proven Winners Purple Passion and to meet him in person, I was tickled ‘Supertunia Picasso in Pink’ to be invited to The Chopping Block event that P. Allen was privately hosting that evening.

Chopping Block Chef
Chopping Block Chef

Folks let me tell you P. Allen dazzled us with his charm, wit and talent. He was a ‘Sunsatia’n. His good energy is boundless. I told you all that… to say this. Mimi has graciously extended an invitation to the P.Allen Smith annual Garden2Blog event in May where some of the most talented Garden Writers and Bloggers will be attending. It will be sponsored by your favorite products, who I would like to personally extend my thanks as well. Paul Allen Smith is a television host, designer, gardening and lifestyle expert. He is the host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, and P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show Garden Style.[1] His television show P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home has been aired on PBS member stations and in syndication on other networks.[2] Smith is one of America’s most recognized garden and design experts, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media venues.[1] He is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and the recently published cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden, inspired by the abundance of food from his farm and a family of cooks. In 2014, Smith’s television shows took the Taste Awards by storm with Smith returning to Little Rock with four Taste Awards.[1][ Source wikipedia

A Basket of Proven Winners
A Hanging Basket of Proven Winners

It’s good to support products that keep us, our gardens and families growing strong and beautiful. I’ve listed the attendees and sponsors so you can visit their Web sites. Many of these folks I am familiar with their work and I’ve learned a great deal from them. Their Web sites are a treasure trove of gardening information and fun. I have a goal on my trip: experience the P.Allen Smith adventure and share it with you like you were there and hopefully you can visit P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home in Little Rock in the future as well. I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing everyone I know in May!

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Here are a list of garden writers invited to attend T.V. host, designer, gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith's Garden Home annual Garden2Blog event in Little Rock Arkansas to learn and share ideas. P. Allen Smith is one of America's most recognized experts providing ideas and inspiration through multi-media venues and is the host of two public television programs.

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Nothing gets me more excited about the coming spring (on a cold and blustery day) than attending a home and garden show. Mom and I go to the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show every year and this year we were there on opening day.

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I got down to the convention center early and the normal drive through slot was closed, so I had to enter in the normal exit area. The "garage" door broke at the end of the show yesterday, so it was a bit congested this morning. But we got in and started loading up.

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Proven Winners searches the world to find and select plants which are clearly superior to others of their type in our trials in Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Germany, Japan, and Florida. Once a Proven Winners plant makes it to your house, you'll fall in love. Proven Winners plants are:

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We take pride in the trees, shrubs, perennials, roses and groundcovers we grow. With exclusive, high quality brands like Forever & Ever Plants, Super Sweet Fruit Trees, Platinum Perennials, Tropicals by Berry and more, we offer one stop shopping for our retail customers with over 3,000 unique and exciting plant varieties.

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Bonnie Plants is a leading provider of plants for your vegetable garden or herb garden. Expert gardening tips help you with your plants.

Pics are from #IGC
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Rose Pruning Primer: A Guide To Pruning Roses

Floribunda Rose Garden
Floribunda Rose Garden
Gaga’s Floribunda Country Rose Garden

 Pruning post traumatic stress disorder (PPTSD) Remembered

Kids do say the darnedest things.” Traveling South on the N. Dallas Tollway,  5 year old Ella said, “Gaga, I’ve been thinking ’bout goin’ to church but my parents don’t even know what day it is.” “Gabi always knows what day it is because she’s as smart as a penguin learning to swim on their own, and you’re as smart as a flower learning to bloom Gaga and I love you that much, but my parents, they don’t ever even know what day it is!” The implication was now that I was visiting maybe we could figure out what day was Sunday and go to church.

Gaga and Ella
Kids Do Say The Darndest Things

Already ‘they,’ those pesky parents, had been outed, when she had dressed in her black velvet Christmas dress for bed to match my Ralph Lauren cotton sleep shirt. I told her she might get too warm sleeping in her black velvet Christmas dress even if we did match so she had stripped down and started to look for something else to wear.

Gabi is Smart: She Knows the Days of the Week
Gabi is Smart: She Knows the Days of the Week



As I looked for something cooler she said  “I am so sad, ’bout the laundry, my Mom …(said in a tone of absolution for Mom because of course she had a baby) she had a baby now my parents aren’t interested in doing the laundry and I told my Dad he has a job to do! But he isn’t interested.

Canadian Honker in Flight
Canadian Honker Flying North for the Summer and Other Signs of Spring Will Be Here Soon










Reflections of A Desert Rose

Desert Rose Seedlings
Indoor Garden
Indoor Garden on a plant table with an eastern exposure, succulents, Christmas Cactus that blooms in the fall and a Schefflera

Can you love a plant?

Is it possible to love a finicky, difficult, worrisome plant? Let’s see how that could be possible.

Just like some people in our lives plants can be finicky, difficult, and worrisome and yet still surprise us I never wanted houseplants. The plan was to direct all my passion to rose growing. DSC_0185That would keep dirt outside where it belongs. I loved to work in the rose garden outside, and only have neat and tidy silk plants inside. Then people started giving me plants, and more plants. They were messy, troublesome and yes they brought dirt into the house. My son brought over wayward, straggling unwanted plants for me to adopt and try to save and so the story goes. Then one day I was working at the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association (TNLA) in Houston.

Desert Rose Blooming in Illinois
Desert Rose Blooming in Illinois 

    I saw a plant so unusual I simply had to have it. The plant is called a flowering desert rose plant, or Adenium obesum. The desert rose is particularly suited to hot, dry climates. A native of east Africa, the desert rose is a succulent that is prized for its fleshy leaves and pink trumpet-shaped flowers.  They are also sometimes used as bonsai. A highly prized plant, particularly when their trunks are fully developed, (thus the name 0besum) it can be sold for upward of $1,000 as a mature plant with lots of branches and flowers.

Patio Plants Ready for Winter Protection
Desert Rose Outside in a Concrete Pot

There is beauty in the unusual; we don’t need to try so hard to fit in

The unusual, beautiful creature was residing in a booth close to mine and I asked the booth guy if I could buy it. He said “nope,” he was buying it. Later, since every man has his price, he came over and said “How about $75?” That’s a lot for a plant in a trade show booth and I said “sold.”   When it was time to break down the booth I packed my new baby up and drove it back to Dallas. Well, I don’t know for sure but my new baby didn’t seem to think Dallas was similar to the climate of east Africa because it languished and gave me fits. I put it outside in the summer. Apparently it was too humid because it didn’t die but it didn’t really bloom. I dragged it in in the winter.


We all react to stress differently; we can learn to adapt and adjust to our environment, its OK to drop your leaves, just be sure to grow new stronger ones


It dropped all of its leaves, gave me a near heart attack while I said this mantra “please don’t die, please don’t die, and please don’t die.” This apparently worked, because just when I thought it was a goner it would sprout new leaves. Then back outside in the summer and so the cycle goes until I moved to Central Illinois.

Beverly Hillbillies Truck
‘Audrey’ made her trip to Illinois packed in Ole Gray looking like she was in the Beverly Hillbillies Truck

Just like Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies, Big Daddy

cut a cardboard box, taped it up around this majestic, bonsai East African plant, packed it in the back of the ole gray work horse pick-up, and drove it 700 miles from Plano, Texas to Central Illinois with Audrey. Named affectionately after Little Shop of Horrors, monster sized plant Audrey, Audrey is a rescue plant that our son brought home for me to save that has grown to the size of a small elephant. That’s why we call him Audrey.

Croton Called Audrey Gaga's Garden
Croton Called Audrey Gaga’s Garden

Though indigenous to your area you may do better in a new location

Desert Rose Seed Pods, and a Gossamer Seed Glistening in the Sun
Desert Rose Seed Pods, and a Gossamer Seed Glistening in the Sun

Illinois, a climate so similar to East Africa, right? Oh how I wish I had snapped a picture with my iPhone of that ole gray pick-up loaded looking just like the Clampett truck, but you will have to visualize.  The finicky exotic made the 700-mile trek, then I transplanted it in a massively heavy concrete pot and put it on the deck with an eastern exposure for the Illinois summer.

Life happens while we are making other plans, like kids, orphan plants, pets, mistakes, the list is long

Desert Rose Seed Pods Opening
Desert Rose Seed Pods Glistening as They Burst Into The Sunlight


The plant bloomed like a rock star. It never bloomed in Texas – supposedly semi-arid, I thought, Texas.  Go figure. Then to my amazement this past summer the beautiful creature produced seed pods to which I posted pictures on #rosechat and #gardenchat and created a flurry of conversation about what to do so the seedlings did not blow away when the pods burst. When it was time to bring the 200-pounder in due to the concrete pot the seedpods had not opened yet so I didn’t give it too much thought.


The Secret of Life: More Life

Desert Rose Seedlings
Desert Rose Seedlings

I put the desert rose on the inside patio downstairs with a southern exposure and one morning went down and glistening in the sun were cascades of gossamer legged seeds glimmering in the morning light. The seedpods had burst forth the new baby seedlings in the night on the patio. The exotic creature gave birth alone in captivity in the night. This entire event caused me to reflect on the secret of life, more life.


Desert Rose in Illinois
Desert Rose in Illinois

“Prosperity Flower.” 

The Desert Rose is also very popular among the Chinese and is called Fu Kwai Fa in Cantonese, which translates to mean The Chinese believe when the plant blooms profusely it is a sign that the occupants of the house will be blessed with wealth and good fortune.

Even if you bring a little dirt, trouble, problems, mistakes into your life you can always sweep it out and start over with a clean slate.





















Why I Wrote Four Seasons of Roses

Julia Child
New floribunda rose garden bed in planning stage, non-elevated, eastern exposure
New floribunda rose garden bed in planning stage, non-elevated, eastern exposure

Necessity…the mother of invention ~ Plato

Necessity is why I wrote Four Seasons of Roses 2014 Monthly Guide to Rose Care.  Everyone that visits my rose garden tells me that they want roses.  I ask them “what’s standing between you and the object of your desire?” The answer is always the same. “I think roses are too hard to grow.” Then they ask me if I “will teach them how to grow roses?” Let me tell you 3 short stories of how Four Seasons of Roses came to be.


Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom
Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom

Education is the Key to Growing Roses

I was working for the Fine Jewelers Guild, owned by the Zale Corporation in Irving, Texas. Roses are a topic that people like to talk about when they see rose bouquets that I bring to the office or they stop by to see my rose garden. The vice president of the division at the time loved roses and said to me “I will put in a rose garden if you can make it easy.” I said to him “roses are easy, people can be difficult.” That’s when I wrote my first one-page easy instruction sheet for him that I called Rapid-Fire Results with Roses. I said to him, “if you do exactly what this tells you to do you will have a beautiful rose garden.” During this same time I was asked to speak to the Dallas Master Gardeners about roses and the Plano Master Gardener group on growing roses. The brochure Rapid Fire Results with Roses, had to be re-printed and distributed 100’s and 100’s of times and it wasn’t quite sufficient for a beginner’s needs.


Karen & Carrie
Karen & Carrie

Rosarian Apprentices

My dear friends and neighbors wanted to put in their own rose gardens.

In planning their new rose garden the first thing we determined was location. Each of us has a special window that we spend more time viewing the landscape, this is a good place to put a rose garden if it has 6-8 hours of sunlight. Next we talked about color palette. One of my rose garden apprentices didn’t care for the traditional red rose and loved oranges, peach and tangerine colored roses so that’s the basis of the rose garden color palette for her garden. Rapid bloom cycle and lots of blooms were important so we chose floribundas. Before I knew it I had three rosarian apprentices with rose gardens. And I was doing the pruning for a local middle school rose garden.  A handy guide Like Four Seasons of Roses would be the perfect hand-out for my apprentice gardeners.


Wanda, Dedicated Blackspot Eradicator

Wanda’s Rose Garden

Friends at work have always let me know they also want rose gardens and need instructions on pruning. Here’s the story of my dear friend Wanda who bought a home out in the country and also wanted a rose garden. We started with the basic planning of adding soil amendments because of clay soil conditions and then choosing the plants she wanted based on color, and rating after I explained how the American Rose Society Handbook of Rating Roses rating system works. I explained that I usually do not buy a rose that is rated below 7.0 and for good reason.So you see I know people want to have a rose garden and I wanted to create an educational, easy to follow guide filled with possibilities. I’m committed to getting knowledge into the hands of people that want roses.

Four Seasons of Roses 2014 Monthly Guide to Rose Care is a garden planner that also features my own photography because many of you have asked me to publish the pictures I take since Julia Child

Julia Child
Julia Child

was included in the American Rose Society 2014 calendar. I also included a place to take notes since I always make notes every time I go to the garden. A historical reference helps me grow better roses. Whether you grow roses for photography, landscaping, accessorizing, arranging, collecting or cooking I know you will enjoy my Four Seasons of Roses 2014 Monthly Guide | 2014 Monthly Guide to Rose Care Garden Planner.


Wallace Gardens GiveAway: Four Seasons of Roses & Alfalfa Tea

Four Seasons of RosesWallace Gardens is doing a promotional giveaway of Four Seasons of Roses | 2014 Monthly Guide to Rose Care and Alfalfa Tea Soil Conditioner by Annie Haven @GreenSoil of www.manuretea.com. Nancy Wallace, @SassyNancy, is a Garden Artisan and creator of original container gardens from beautiful Wallace Gardens. Nancy lives in the Atlanta area and posts pictures of her original gardening creations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Here’s the details to win. Thank-you for all of your support of the gardening community Nancy!

Here’s all you have to do for a chance to win. Simply click like on this picture on Pinterest or if you don’t have a Pinterest account click this link for details on her Web site. 

WallacePlease check Nancy’s Web site Wallace Gardens and www.facebook.com/WallaceGardens for additional details.

Best of Luck!



Sunshine Award

Gaga and Ella
Sunshine Award
Sunshine Award | Here is how it works. It is an opportunity to help others find new cool things in the blogoshere.
1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Sunshine Award

December flew by like a whirlwind. A blessing from heaven, we have a new grand daughter!

Christmas Baby
Christmas Baby Grand-Daughter

Icing on the cake was being awarded the Sunshine Award by Bren of BG Garden and host of Garden Chat. Delighted and honored when she tweeted the write-up I was taking care of a my 5, 7, and 15 year old while we welcomed the new baby into the world. 

Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

Have you ever felt that people like to talk about themselves? It seems easy to talk about yourself, right? It is easy as long as the conversation is light and airy. I think most people are uncomfortable talking about themselves. So here goes, the Sunshine Award requires that I share ten things with you about myself. My mother always used to say that I wear my “heart on my sleeve,” so what can I share with you that perhaps you do not already know?

Big Sister Holds the Her Sister for the First Time at The Hospital
Big Sister Holds Ger New Baby Sister for the First Time at The Hospital

The question is, should the sharing be deep or superficial? My dear friend Margie Clayman has debated this question often, that when one shares of themselves then we become vulnerable. Perhaps that’s just who we are.

Here is how it works. It is an opportunity to help others find new cool things in the blogosphere.

1) Use the logo above in the post.

2) Link to whoever nominated you.  

3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Ok here goes. Here are ten things about me.

Some things about me kind of go without saying;

#1    I am very loyal to family and friends so I do not know if that counts.

#2    My granddaughter Gabrielle first called me Doggy after I kept saying Gram-ma a million times, then she evolved to what friends and family call me now, Gaga.

#3    I used to ride a dirt bike called a Montessa and I flipped over the handlebars on a ride with my sister-in-law Martha.

#4    My mother is a Chisholm of the Chisholm’s of the Chisholm Trail and my father a descendant of Mary Proctor,  the first witch accused of witchcraft. I love genealogy and I am a          Daughter of the American Revolution. I have the paperwork to become a Daughter of the Republic of Texas.

#5    I don’t sleep with the closet doors or any chest of drawers open.

#6    Straightening rugs is kind of an obsession.

#7    I love fried okra.

#8    Babies always smile at me and I always smile back.

#9    Sports are my thing and I get kind of blue when football season is over.

#10  I used to be a model in Chicago and have a full portfolio.

Gaga on the Wall
Gagas Offical Status Declared By the State of Texas

Ten Outstanding Must Read Blogs

Here are ten writers in alphabetical order because they are all so incredibly gifted that I didn’t want to imply anything by the order I put them in. I know each will enrich your life by reading their blogs.

1. http://badredheadmedia.com/

Rachel Thompson is a top-notch marketer, social media expert and author that is interactive with her audience and knows how to connect all the dots. 

2. www.bggarden.com

Bren’s site is a treasure trove of information and beautiful pictures as well as recipes. I visit there for so many reasons and so will you once you pay your first visit.

3. http://brianvickery.com/

Brian writes about so many topics. What I enjoy the most are his sports analogies. Here is one of my favorites of all time. 12 Most Texas Tall Tales Growing Up Down By The River 

4. http://jack-rosarian.blogspot.com/

The Minnesota Rose Gardener Jack Falker, this rose blog is for the serious rosarian. Jack gets into the ‘real meat’ of rose growing. If you are into research and learning the in-depth details about climate change, shifts in temperatures and zones in the global climate patterns then Jack is your man.

5. http://www.lisapetrilli.com/

Lisa Petrilli is a dedicated businesswoman and she loves roses. She has been so supportive all the while working on a start-up company of hers. Her is a quote from her recent post: “We are all more powerful when we awaken every aspect of ourselves – masculine as well as feminine, head as well as heart – and live our lives as our full, whole, True Selves….” Lisa Petrilli

6. http://www.margieclayman.com/

Margie’s Moments of Tiyoweh. A brilliant marketer and writer, Margie writes about a diverse range of timely topics. She invites dialog and I guarantee you will always learn something and meet new, intriguing writers through her.

7. www.martinamcgowan.com

Dr. Martina McGowan is simply the most inspirational writer I know. Let me put is this way. Say you are having a day that you need good advice or motivation, go to Dr. McGowan’s Web site and just read, you will find what you may need right there at your finger tips. 

8. http://spinsucks.com/

Gini Dietrich is one of the top public relations people in the country. She is witty, entertaining and also writes Gin & Topics every Friday that you don’t want to miss. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed out loud at her compilation of Friday.

9. www.thegardendiary.com

Teresa Byington is a rosarian that has a heart for roses. She loves roses and is dedicated to writing about them and learning more about them every day.

10. http://wallacegardens.tumblr.com/

Nancy Wallace creates custom container gardens, indoor terrariums and does residential garden design plans. She writes and photographs them as well. She has helped me identify so many plants! She is a delight to know and grow with. Her site is gorgeous and Nancy known on Twitter as @SassyNancy is so much fun to know.

Mother's Bouquet of Roses
Mother’s Bouquet of Roses

Happy New Year Everyone!