You Meet The Nicest People At A Rose Show

Where are the rose gardens? Backyards.   Hidden secret gardens are behind beautiful urns and cascading fountains or perhaps ivy brick walls. You can catch a glimpse of a climbing rose or a waft of their fragrance on the wind as you walk along the sidewalk out for an evening Continue Reading

OUI Built A Prefabricated Greenhouse for $142.00

It was a simple plan. It always seems to start that way doesn’t it? My plan was this, since I would have at least ½ acre of gardens and over 150 rose bushes to take care of I would have silk plants in the house, live plants outside. No house Continue Reading

Converting Clay Soils, How Mark Chamblee Roses Does It

Mark Chamblee

OUI ONE DIGS DIRT A lively understandable spirit once entertained you. It will come again. Be still. Wait. Theodore Roethke In preparation for our Oui Ones Garden let’s talk about dirt. Learning to grow roses or anything for that matter in Texas versus Northern Illinois was like growing plants on Continue Reading