Angel Sleeping
Angel Sleeping
Angel Sleeping
Dear Gaga

I will set the scene for the prayer. Gabrielle, the heretofore identified unimpeachable originator of the name Gaga, is about to say her first prayer out loud. She is little more than a baby, perhaps a few months over two years old.  The family is gathered at the dining room table ready for the blessing. Gaga, Grandpa, her parents are all there and we hold hands and wait for her angelic prayer presumably to God, and she bows her head, lifts her little voice to the heavens and she says clear as a bell for all to hear “Dear Gaga, please take care of Gaga, watch over goggy, please bless gogster; have angels take care of Gaga and so on.” I don’t remember quite how many mentions that I got since I was still overwhelmed at the sheer weight of being prayed to. But here is what I was vehemently praying at the same time. “Please God, let her ask Gaga in all her magnanimity, to watch over a few others as well because she has to maintain some popularity around here.”

Now we have not mentioned my friend and neighbor at the time Stacy but it’s time for her to enter into this garden story. I told Stacy about, from what now on we will reference as “The Prayer to Gaga.” And she said, classic Stacy, “Well, you must be her spiritual center.”

You may be thinking, tell us Gaga, “What does this have to do with the garden path we are on?” And I will say to you Grasshopper, “Everything.”

Our OUI ONES are moldable and when they are little essentially they think of us on the same plane as some higher spiritual power. This is the time to connect them with the beauty of growing, planting and caring for things that grow in the earth.  They want to be in the garden, dig in the dirt, plant and grow things with us. So we are going to diverge from our greenhouse path and plant a fall garden transitioning to the winter perennial garden with a 12 year old, 4 year old and a 23 month old. Do not fear “OUI” are working on the plans and buying the materials for the new and improved Greenhouse. More to come. I had to take a little trip to Ramsey, Illinois, population 1100,  birthplace of Tex Williams.  That dear readers is another story altogether.

We have chosen a small garden to make-over into a perennial garden that the children can help plant and play in during the winter months.

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