Meet Annie Haven, The Moo-Poo Tea Lady

Annie Haven

Before organic was in vogue I was using every form of soil amendment to fertilize. Let’s review. I won an American Rose Society National Award for Best Climber for Tempo that had been fertilized with egg shells and coffee grounds.  I had a little flowerbed of snapdragons in the first Continue Reading

God’s Cheetah Plate

It’s Thanksgiving and there’s lots to be thankful for. In 2003 Gabrielle was 4 and she loved to spend the night. She had her own room. Now it’s the kids room. We had a routine. Bath, three stories, prayers. She was old enough to pick books that were as long Continue Reading

If You Shop with Gaga Keep the Keys

Izabelle (Izzy) is a cat. She is unlike any other cat. Everyone says that but does your cat jump in the bath with tubby toys and follow you like a puppy and  lick tape? The day I fell out of the attic, Halloween, I didn’t scream when I fell out Continue Reading

A Garden is a Gathering Place, Where It Began

The next scheduled editorial item has been kid’s garden and since I decided I needed just one more festive Halloween decoration to delight the Trick or Treaters and fell out of the attic while trying to retrieve it there has been a slight delay to the kid’s garden. Last week Continue Reading

I Believe I Can Fly | Or Free Fall

By now many of you know Michael is my son. He is, simply stated a blooming genius. Did you notice the subtle plant tie-in with the addition of blooming? I like to remind Michael of a valuable piece of archival reference material that I have savored for years. It’s an Continue Reading