Gaga’s Garden Scary Creatures

You learn a lot when you move to a new community. Like who your new neighbors are. I just never expected some of them to look like living Muppets and to be so curious about us. The other neighbors are just as wonderful, miniature donkeys, goats, guineas hens, chickens, turkeys, Continue Reading

Plant Zone Defense

It’s time to think about winter plant protection. Last year while in USDA plant hardiness zone 7B, Plano, Texas “Oui” showed you how to build a green house for $142.00.  That’s how “Oui” protected our potted plants from a fairly severe Texas winter, Now in Illinois, the plant zone Continue Reading

Rapid Fire Results With Roses

Most people say they would grow roses if they could make it simple. Back in the corporate world I worked with a president of a division that said to me that he would grow roses if I could make it easy so this is what I wrote: Four Seasons of Continue Reading

In Loving Memory

Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, & Aunt Dorothy Evelyn Chisholm Proctor

Mother’s favorite flower was a peony. Every spring when she was unable get down on her hands & knees any longer to scratch the earth with her digging fork and gently work into the early warmed rich black dirt of Northern Illinois the bone meal and other organic soil amendments Continue Reading