Best Tips For Pruning Roses Stress-Free

I would like to coin a new gardening phrase. Pruning post traumatic stress disorder (PPTSD) I have it, it’s real, I suffer every President’s Day. It occurred from having pruned right after President’s Day in Texas. President’s Day is supposed to be the last day of the danger of a Continue Reading

Gaga’s Garden Creatures

Plano, Texas, home of Gaga’s urban garden is a microcosm of urban sprawl. One of Dallas largest suburbs, Plano is completely locked in by municipalities and can’t expand. There’s little undeveloped land remaining. This land originally was farm land all the way to the Red River which forms the border Continue Reading

Live from Gagasgarden

Strand Theory continues to be a lively fun discourse. Whether you believe one goes after one’s hedge’s or not in direct relationship to their personality I stand vindicated on this topic. Control issues aside hold your horses on pruning too early! The goose girl’s are frozen stiff as you see Continue Reading