On Becoming A Rose Sommelier

Sommelier, doesn’t that have an elegant ring? You also will wear a tastevin on a silver chain around your neck, French for “taste wine.” According to Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis at the French Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA when asked what does becoming a Sommelier mean to the average person “It means doing Continue Reading

Late Bloomers

Late bloomers toss their Hail Mary’s with wild abandon. Spectacular with a stark backdrop of dramatic foreboding skies telling of unknown factors that will impact their destiny; cold, snow, ice or warming and cooling to extremes. They create a freeze frame of wondrous moments of surrender to powers beyond their Continue Reading

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Everything you want to know about bloom where you are planted you can learn from a carousel pony. People that love you will stand by you. Joy reflects in your face. Life has its ups and downs. There’s always a blur of activity around you. You can enjoy the ride Continue Reading