‘Summer Love’ Affair With Roses

'Summer Love' Hybrid Tea by Tom Carruth
'Summer Love' Hybrid Tea by Tom Carruth
‘Summer Love’ Hybrid Tea by Tom Carruth photo credit Weeks Roses

‘Summer Love’ posted by Weeks Roses

swept me away this morning. The subtleties of the shades of yellow fascinated me. Its mesmerizing. There are hints of butter cream swirled to perfection. This also led me to the thought, see why we continue to add roses to our collection? There are so many different yellows. Its a summer love affair. While I was pondering the shades of ‘Summer Love’ it reminded me of my porcelain yellow rose called ‘Rose With Tiger’ a Connoisseur of Malvern porcelein rose created and signed by Fleur Cowles.

Rose With Tiger by Fleur Cowles of Connoisseur of Malvern
Rose With Tiger by Fleur Cowles of Connoisseur of Malvern

‘Summer Love’ then meanders us  down a yellow porcelain path so amazing I shall share it with you. While I was corporate Gift Manager of The Fine Jewelers Guild, a division of The Zale Corporation that owned Bailey Banks & Biddle we were asked to bid on dinner place setting gifts for the Exxon Mobil corporation. We commissioned world-famous Connoisseur of Malvern artist Fleur Cowles to create something unique and special. That she did. It was the time of the Exxon Valdez crisis and so it was my understanding from the giftware buyer at the time that since the Exxon-Mobil Corporation had at the time a Tiger depicted in their mantra “Put A Tiger In Your Tank” then ‘Rose with Tiger’ would present the Tiger of Exxon in a most benign manner, thus ‘Rose With Tiger.’ What could be more harmless than a tiger posed under a soft yellow rose? When I left the Zale Corporation I asked that I be able to purchase this rose. I am not sure how many other ‘Rose with Tiger’ porcelain roses actually exist by Fleur Cowles. Our bid was not accepted by Exxon Mobile.

While researching my rose, today on Chatsworth’s Lady Web site I learned this about the artist that created ‘Rose With Tiger’.

Tiger With Rose Connoisseur of Malvern, by Fleur Cowles
Tiger With Rose Connoisseur of Malvern, by Fleur Cowles

“The spirited writer/socialite/artist Fleur Cowles, who died in 2009 at the venerable age of 101, designed several sculptures for Connoisseur of Malvern as well as for several other noted British firms such as Denby and Border Fine Arts. An American (a Brooklynite, her name was actually Florence Friedman) by birth, she combined her experience as a painter, writer and editor when she launched a short-lived but critically acclaimed magazine called Flair in the 1950s. She originally entered the publishing world via her third marriage, to Gardner Cowles Jr. (pronounced “coals”) whose family owned several newspapers and national magazines. After they divorced she kept his surname even though she subsequently remarried; it was her fourth husband who relocated the family to England and Europe. (A more detailed review of her life can be found here.)

Tiger With Rose Connoisseur of Malvern, by Fleur Cowles
Tiger With Rose Connoisseur of Malvern, by Fleur Cowles

Ms. Cowles adored flowers (especially roses) and her art often combined them with jungle animals, particularly the “big cats”. Shown below are seven of her designs for Connoisseur of Malvern, produced during the early 1990s; at that time Ms. Cowles was in her early to mid-eighties.” Exxon did not choose our bid.

Flowers from P Allen Smith’s Field To Vase Dinner. American Grown Flowers

American Grown Flower at P. Allen Smiths #G2B15
American Grown Flower Arrangement and Garland from Field to Vase Dinner P. Allen Smiths #G2B15

We can never have too many yellow roses. What about the ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ named for Emily Morgan?



A Garden Is A Place For Kids & Seeds To Bloom

Sakata Seed Company's Alecia Troy
Oui One Weeds

“I had to beg my Mother-In-Law to give me the Seedkeeper Deluxe Seed Organizer, and I’m glad I did! I just love how easy it is to organize and find my Sakata Seeds! What a useful garden tool!  ~      Tanna Fox

Sakata Seeds and The SeedKeepers Deluxe Seed Organizer Kit is a marriage made in heaven!

The Seed Keeper Deluxe Organization System Showing some Formosa Liliy Seeds I received from Diane LaSauce at #G2B15 at P. Allen Smith's
The Seed Keepers’ Deluxe Seed Organizing System |D LaSauces’ Formosa Lily Seeds from P. Allen Smith’s #G2B15 | The Boss (aka my Daughter-In-Law) now has it to organize the Sakata Seeds for the Kids’ Garden

Last month the Sakata Seeds folks did a demo at P.Allen Smith’s Garden 2 Blog 2015 at his Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock, Arkansas. They idea struck me while Tracy Lee was doing her presentation that these seeds are so precious what could be more perfect than the Seedkeeper Deluxe for organizing the seeds?!

Sakata Seed Company's Alecia Troy
Sakata Seed Company’s Tracy Lee along with Alecia Troy Were at #G2B15

Have you ever opened a seed packet and then the remains are scattered about who knows where? And its difficult to keep track of what’s what? Or have you ever planted the perfect seed and then not been able to recall or find the packet it came from? Those days are over with the invention of a product like this from entrepreneurs and friends Kerrie Rosenthal and Carol Niec, who I met at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show speakers reception planned by Bruce Bailey and La Manda Joy, author of  “Start A Community Food Garden.”

The Seed Keepers at Gaga's Garden
The Seed Keepers at Gaga’s Garden in Illinois Visiting

The Seed Keepers at Gaga’s Garden in Illinois Visiting

These lovely women and my beautiful daughter-in-law who by the way is the ‘boss of me’ are the reason I am planting vegetable gardens now. Oh…that and a few episodes of the Doomsday Preppers.  They invented the perfect system and gave me their Deluxe Kit as a house gift for inviting them to stay a few days and go out on the pontoon boat. Teasing Kerrie and Carol I always tell them you plant the seeds and send me plants!

TannaTessaW15“I wish I had this before we moved from Texas. I threw out hundreds of seeds because I didn’t know what they were! At the time it was easier to toss them than to try and organize them.”

~ Tanna Fox

Well, The Boss, aka, my daughter-in-law and I are planting a Special Needs Kids Garden. The Seedkeepers and my blessed daughter-in-law are the reason I started growing lettuce and all sorts of edibles again. You can tweet or ask Kerrie, I had to tweet her this question one night while we were online chatting about gardening: “How do I harvest my lettuce?” I love these Movie Star Seedkeeper Girls! They know everything about seeds! And remember you can eat roses but they will not sustain ‘Big Daddy’ for long! He eats real food

The kids in a tree
The kids in a tree

My grandson has Down Syndrome and is a blessing to us all. He loves to work on projects and especially in the garden. The future of gardening is in the hands of the next generation and especially those with special needs. With that said we, “the Boss” and I have started the “Special Needs Kids Garden, ” in her yard zone 7a.

Say What? Healthy Food from The Garden?!
Say What? Healthy Food from The Garden?!

Tanna was ecstatic to receive the Sakata Seeds, the deluxe SeedKeepers  storage kit and so the fun begins. Erik loves to go exploring for plants in the shade so we need ideas for shade plants and edibles that work well growing in perhaps 4 hours of shade.

Texas Kid's Garden
Texas Kid’s Garden | Where We Started

Planning and putting in your own kids garden is to bring your family together. Often times special needs kids feel isolated. Gardening and working in the garden can give a child a sense of community. We welcome ideas about plants kids love to grow and how you are getting your kids involved in gardening, especially special needs kids. We will be working in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map 7a.

A Garden Is A Gathering Place
A Garden Is A Gathering Place

Be sure to go there first and put in your zip code to get your plant hardiness zone to know what types of plants are best for your area.  Ideas for plants and your experiences are welcome. Don’t forget I’m on Twitter as @gagasgarden, facebook pages are www.facebook.com/gagasgarden and /gagasgardens and gardenlegends. Tell ‘The Boss’ and me what’s going on in your Kid’s Garden and especially invite Special Needs Kids to participate.

TractorBoy_W15Our wonderful boy is speech delayed yet he has understood everything said to him from an early age. He can become frustrated and upset trying to communicate. Folks can misinterpret his language delay and underestimate his intelligence. This my friends can be a big mistake. Let’s Get it started.

John Gidding, Bruce Bailey, Amanda Davis

Thank-you Tony, Bruce, and LaManda, whose books are an excellent resource for learning about community garden projects.

Tony Abruscato | Abana Jacobs | The W
Tony Abruscato | Abana Jacobs | The W | CFGS Speaker Reception planned by Bruce Bailey and LaManda Joy




‘Savannah’ by Kordes Rosen Takes ‘Best In Show’

‘Savannah’ by Kordes Rosen Takes Best In Show

at The Biltmore International Rose Trials, May 30, 2015 Asheville, NC

Savannah | A Kordes Rose | Photo credit New Flora

Guest Post By:

LeeAnn Donnelly
Senior Public Relations Manager

“Savannah” takes Best in Show at the 2015 Biltmore International Rose Trials
ASHEVILLE, N.C. – An international jury of rose experts awarded “Savannah,” a dusky pink rose bred in Germany, the George & Edith Vanderbilt Award for Most Outstanding Rose/Best in Show during the third annual Biltmore International Rose Trials competition on Saturday, May 30.
Growers, distributors and all-around rose appreciators joined the jury for the event, the culmination of two years’ growth of roses submitted by breeders in 2013 to be cared for and tested by Biltmore’s expert gardening team. Rose breeds from the U.S. and several other countries made it through preliminary judging rounds for Saturday’s final contest, held at Biltmore’s 120-year-old Rose Garden.
“Savannah” is bred by Kordes Rosen in Germany, and also captured the categories for Best Hybrid Tea and Most Fragrant. Two roses bred by Bill Radler took three categories. Radler is creator of the breed called Knock Out Roses, well-known in both home gardening and professional landscaping circles.
Pat Shanley, international jury member and president-elect of the American Rose Society, said trials like these provide an opportunity to not only admire the beauty of roses, but to eradicate the long-thought notion that roses are difficult to grow and need to be treated with pesticides. The roses trialed at Biltmore’s contest are bred especially for the casual gardener to grow and nurture.
The trial roses are on display amid rose specimens that have been growing in Biltmore’s Rose Garden for more than 100 years. Guests at Biltmore are welcome to stroll through and judge for themselves.
Here are all of the winners of the 2015 Biltmore International Rose Trials. A photo gallery of all of the winning roses is available here.
· The George & Edith Vanderbilt Award for Most Outstanding Rose of the Trials (Best in Show): “Savannah,” bred by Kordes Rosen in Germany

· The Pauline Merrell Award for Best Hybrid Tea: “Savannah,” bred by Kordes Rosen in Germany

· The Cornelia Vanderbilt Cecil Award for Most Fragrant Rose: “Savannah,” bred by Kordes Rosen in Germany

· The Award of Excellence for Best Established Rose: “Queen Elizabeth,” a Grandiflora rose.

· The Edith Wharton Award for Best Floribunda: “Tequila Gold,” bred by Meilland in France.

· The Honorable John Cecil for Open Group: “Popcorn Drift,” bred by Nova Flora, a breeder in West Grove, Pa.

· The Gilded Age Award for Best Climber: “FlyingKiss,” bred by Ping Lim, based in Portland, Oregon.

· The Chauncey Beadle Award for Best Shrub Rose: “Peachy Keen,” bred by Bill Radler, of Milwaukee, Wisc.

· The William Cecil Award for Best Growth Habit: “Phloxy Baby,” bred by Bill Radler, of Milwaukee, Wisc.

· The Lord Burleigh Award for Most Disease Resistant: “Peachy Keen,” bred by Bill Radler, of Milwaukee, Wisc.
About Biltmore
Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Biltmore was the vision of George W. Vanderbilt. Designed by Richard Morris Hunt, America’s largest home is a 250-room French Renaissance chateau, exhibiting the Vanderbilt family’s original collection of furnishings, art and antiques. Biltmore estate encompasses more than 8,000 acres including renowned gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture. Today, Biltmore has grown to include Antler Hill Village, which features the award-winning Winery and Antler Hill Farm; the four-star Inn on Biltmore Estate; Equestrian Center; numerous restaurants; event and meeting venues; and Biltmore For Your Home, the company’s licensed products division. More information is available at www.biltmore.com or by calling 877-BILTMORE.

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News Release Written by LeeAnn Donnelly Guest Post