Roses To Fall In Love With Hulthemias

'Easy On The Eyes'
‘Easy On The Eyes’ is part of the Weeks Roses Easy To Love® Collection

What Is A Hulthemia Rose?

Taxonomists A. Rehder to accommodate Wild Roses divided Genus Rosa into four subgenera; three very small and anomalous, namely ‘Hulthemia’, Hesperrhodos and Platyrhodon and one major Eurosa containing roses proper (see illustration). As much as this sounds a bit like dinosaur names ‘Duckbill Platypus’ and others, it’s simply a way to classify and detail Plantae vs. Genus Rosa species.


According to Luis T. Desarmo’s book Principals Of Exhibiting & Judging Roses An Illustrated Approach” the Hulthemia “subgenera was subsequently disqualified from belonging to the rose family because of its solitary leaves attached to the stem rather than the compound structure of all other rose leaf sets (mainly 3,5,7,9, etc.) Classified now as a shrub the roses we see now coming from this sub-class are perfectly suited for landscape roses and minimal care rose gardens. If you like the beauty and originality of the look of the ‘Hulthemias’ rose breeder Jim Sproul has been posting incredible results that he’s getting with his ‘Hulthemia’ seedlings.


The difference in Eurosa versus Hulthemias is that they have smooth hips, and are divided in ten sections, three can be regarded as very small and of little importance as far as the garden is concerned. Chromosome count in the cell nucleus provides a major a principal subdivision:

  • Diploids | Wild Roses | 14 chromosomes: 2 sets of 7
  • Tetraploids | Roses | 28 chromosomes | 4 sets of 7
  • Hexaploid | Roses | 42 chromosomes | 6 sets of 7
  • Octaploid | Roses | 56 chromosomes 8 sets of 7 (only a few have 8)
  • Triploids | Pentaloids | are odd-numbered sets of chromosomes | lack fertility and don’t survive in nature.

No-Spray Roses

Matthias Meilland

Matthais Meilland Recently Commented on his Team’s presentation in China about no-spray roses

Promoting zero spray roses in China. No pesticide, no fungicide roses but with great blooming from spring to frost are key to the future of the rose market. Well done team !! Matthias Meilland

‘Easy On The Eyes’ Shrub In Bloom

To Show A 'Easy On The Eyes' Shrub In Bloom
‘Easy On The Eyes’ Shrub In Bloom

Description of ‘Easy On The Eyes’

Decades of hybridizing to enlarge the magenta purple eye to its current size has resulted in an extremely novel color combination with the lavender pink flower coloration. It’s floriferous, disease resistant, lovely dark green foliage and has a citrus like spicy fragrance. It’s a medium size round shaped bush and it’s just a lovely addition to the garden setting or could be planted alone. It was hybridized by Tom Carruth.

This image gives you a close-up view of details of the 'Eye' of 'Easy On The Eyes'
‘Easy On The Eyes’ Individual Flower

This image gives you a close-up view of details of the ‘Eye’ of ‘Easy On The Eyes’

‘In Your Eyes’

‘In Your Eyes’

‘In Your Eyes’ Description

Christian Bedard created this cross from a shrubrose and a Persian hulthemia. Once considered its own genus as described above, the Persian Rose is a tough desert rose native with a distinctivehalo around the center of the bloom, a characteristic passed on to ‘In Your Eyes’. It’s diamond tough, disease resistant and wildly prolific. It blooms in big clusters of pastel shades. The flowers start out cream-yellow with a red eye and matures to lavendar with a putple eyebut as eash bloom appears the clusters become multi-coloredfrom spring to fall.

  • 6-8 feet tall
  • Hardiness zone 5-9
  • Flowering Dates Late Spring through Fall
  • Winter Care mulch around the base
  • Flower color red, yellow, purple, pink
  • Pruning, prune to preferred shape
‘In Your Eyes’
‘In Your Eyes’ Changing Color
'In Your Eyes' Heart Shaped Bloom
‘In Your Eyes’ Heart Shaped Bloom
‘Easy On The Eyes’ Cluster

Why Hulthemias?

So Why Hulthemias? Because they are the optional no-spray minimal care rose. Many of my rosarian friends may argue that I started out this article saying that in fact they aren’t a rose. Perhaps, but Hulthemias provide an beautiful option for the gardener who is looking for absolutely minimal care, color, fragrance disease resistance and best of all no-spray.

Hulthemias Are Growing On Me

And they can grow on you too, give one or two a try. I think shrubs are happiest in threes. Happy Rose Growing.

‘Deanna Krause’ Rose debuts as Calendar Girl 2020

My photo of ‘Deanna Krause’ bred by Ray Ponton introduced by Antique Rose Emporium in 2005 given to me to grow in my garden by Dr. David Zlesak

“He who would have beautiful roses in his garden must first have beautiful roses in his heart” Rev. Dean Hole !870

American Rose Society 2020 Calendar

American Rose Society Calendars make perfect Christmas gifts for doctors’ offices, school teachers, the mail carrier or anyone that loves a calendar. I give calendars to the my physician’s assistant, the doctor and the list keeps growing. Everyone runs their lives on their phone now but families need a physical calendar for them to plan things together. A hard copy of a calendar in a central location in the home or office can be a clearing house for the group to announce where members will be. And if we are going to put up a calendar let it be beautiful. Here’s my rose photo that is featured in the American Rose Society Calendar. This year It’s ‘Deanna Krause’. Last year I forgot to submit any photos, and my doctor’s office was a little disappointed but I still bought the calendar and they hung it up!

‘Deanna Krause’ Beautiful Gentle Striations
Doctor’s office with 2019 Calendar Beautiful Sara

Gorgeous Trail Of ‘Deanna Krause’

‘Deanna Krause’ Ribbon of Beauty

Who Is ‘Deanna Krause’

Deanna Krause is a member of the largest, most impressive rose society in the United States, the Houston Rose Society. The President of the Society is Renee Cummins who maintains a 5 star Facebook Rating by her professionalism and outstanding response to people. It is also home of the famous Texas Rose Rustlers of whom ‘Deanna Krause’ and Ray Ponton rose breeder is a member. Ray bred this rose and named it for member Texas Rose Rustler member ‘Deanna Krause’. It’s a hardy rose that is self sustaining. Dr. David Zlesak of Minneapolis sent to me. I did a search and it’s for sale at ‘Deanna Krause’ Antique Rose Emporium. Brenham, Texas. I planted it as a tiny wisp and it just took of. I love to have roses with a story named for real members that do so much for roses.

‘Deanna Krause’ Color Variations
“More Color Variations’ ‘Deanna Krause’

My ‘Ingrid Bergman’ American Rose Society Calendar 2015 November Page

‘Ingrid Bergman’ Calendar Girl Rose

The next posting I will enter all the roses I have had in the American Rose Society Calendar but I wanted to pay tribute to ‘Deanna Krause’ and close with ‘Ingrid Bergman’ since she was Ms. November a few years ago. So get your calendars and give them away as gifts but don’t forget to keep one for your bulletin board. Warm Wishes and be sure to get enough calendars that you have one for your self.

Correct Safe Removal Of Rose Rosette Disease

Rose Rosette Disease Safe Removal

‘Double Knock Out®’ Rose, inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Fame is my husband’s favorite rose. He requested, when we moved back to Illinois, that I plant one right outside of his pool room. Last year it was infected with Rose Rosette Disease, a tiny mite that originated from the multi-flora wild rose. The microscopic mite is so tiny it’s all but invisible to the naked eye. All or shall we say any rose can be susceptible that’s why we must remain vigilant watching for infection in our gardens and remove any infected plants immediately. carefully. It can be transmitted by the wind. Signs of it are a witches broom growth reddish type growth beginning at the top of your plant. A sure sign is lots of thorns. As of yet there are no cures but some roses are resistant like ‘Top Gun’, and some of the ‘Rosa Rugosas’.

‘Top Gun’ Resistant To Rose Rosette Disease

‘Top Gun’ In Gaga’s Garden | Resistant To Rose Rosette Disease Bred by Tom Carruth Roses

‘Double Knock Out’ with RRD

Posted by Susan Fox on Friday, October 4, 2019

Last year my rose apprentice Drew Carroll and I thought we had completely removed this bush but undoubtedly we had not. It came back clean from the root and after I came back from the Biltmore Rose Trials the strange growth appeared again so we were wrong. I went to leading RRD expert Dr. Mark Windham’s class at the Southern Il. University Extension Class at Decatur, IL to a packed class of the Master Gardeners and the Stephen F. Decatur American Rose Society and this is exactly how he instructs removal of Rose Rosette Disease safely and effectively.

How To Remove A Rose With Rose Rosette Disease

Posted by Susan Fox on Friday, October 4, 2019

Biltmore Rose Trials 2019 Results

Biltmore Rose Trial Awards Announced Sept 28, 2019

Biltmore Rose Trials 2019 Results

The #BiltmoreRoseTrials Winners Announced by Paul Zimmerman Roses just now Biltmore Roseraies Meilland Richardier Christian Bedard Ball Horticultural#StarRosesandPlants #PlantAStar

Posted by Gagas Garden on Saturday, September 28, 2019
Biltmore Rose Trials Awards Announced By Paul Zimmerman

‘Coral Knock Out® ‘Most Outstanding Rose’ & ‘Best Shrub’ Award

‘Coral Knock Out®’ bred by Will Radler, of Star Roses and Plants wins the prestigious George & Edith Vanderbilt Award for ‘Most Outstanding Rose’ and the Chauncey Beadle Award for ‘Best Shrub’.
George & Edith Vanderbilt Award & Chauncey Beadle Award for 'Best Shrub' & 'Most Outstanding Rose' "The Coral Knock®Out Rose bred by Will Radler
George & Edith Vanderbilt Award & Chauncey Beadle Award for ‘Best Shrub’ & ‘Most Outstanding Rose’ “The Coral Knock®Out Rose bred by Will Radler
George & Edith Vanderbilt Award 'Most Outstanding Rose' "The Coral Knock®Out Rose bred by Will Radler

The Biltmore Rose Trials run for two years judged four times a year. ‘Coral ‘Knock Out® bred by Will Radler of Star Roses and Plants won ‘Most Outstanding Rose’, and ‘Best Shrub’.

Another Star Rose is born, Plantastar that is. ‘Coral Knock Out®’, bred by the infamous breeder of the 2018 World Federation of Rose Societies ‘Hall of Fame’ Rose ‘Double Knock Out®’ the rose that changed the world of landscapes, Will Radler, and winner of ‘Best Climber’, ‘Highwire Flyer’ last year, ‘Coral Knock Out®’ Congratulations Will, Star Roses & Plants, and Ball Horticulture. We missed you Brad Yoder. Wished you were there to collect your awards.

‘Cupid’s Kiss ‘Gilded Age Award’ ‘Best Climber’ by Christian Bedard, Weeks Roses

Rosa Cupid's Kisses 'Gilded Age Award' 'Cupid's Kiss' by Christian Bedard 'Best Climber'
Rosa Cupid’s Kisses ‘Gilded Age Award’ ‘Cupid’s Kisses’ by Christian Bedard
‘Best Climber’
'Gilded Age Award' 'Cupid's Kiss' by Christian Bedard 'Best Climber'

Spray of ‘Cupid’s Kisses’ cut from the winning plant of the Biltmore Rose Trials on Sept. 18, 2019

‘Moonlight Romantica’ By Meilland Wins ‘Best Hybrid Tea Rose’

'Pauline Merrill Award' 'Moonlight Romantica' Hybrid Tea Rose bred by Meilland Roses 'Best Hybrid tea Rose'
‘Pauline Merrill Award’ ‘Moonlight Romantica’ Hybrid Tea Rose bred by Meilland Roses ‘Best Hybrid tea Rose’
'Pauline Merrill Award' 'Moonlight Romantica' Hybrid Tea Rose bred by Meilland Roses 'Best Hybrid tea Rose'

‘Moonlight Romantica’ cut from the rose bush in the Biltmore Rose Garden the day of the judging.

‘Bliss Parfuma’ by Kordes Wins ‘Best Floribunda’

'Edith Wharton Award' 'Bliss Parfuma' bred by Kordes Roses' 'Best Floribunda'
‘Edith Wharton Award’ ‘Bliss Parfuma’ bred by Kordes Roses’ ‘Best Floribunda’

‘Sweet Hips’ Wins ‘Best General Impression’ & ‘Best Disease Resistant’

'Rosa ‘Sweet Hips’ Rosa rugosa KAPswehp 'William Cecil Award' & 'Lord Burleigh Award': 'Best General Impression' & 'Best Disease Resistant' 'Sweet Hips'
‘Rosa ‘Sweet Hips’ Rosa rugosa KAPswehp ‘William Cecil Award’ & ‘Lord Burleigh Award’: ‘Best General Impression’ & ‘Best Disease Resistant’ ‘Sweet Hips’
William Cecil Award' & 'Lord Burleigh Award; 'Best General Impression' & 'Best Disease Resistant' 'Sweet Kiss'

Cutting from the shrub the day of the judging of ‘Sweet Hips’. Paul Zimmerman stated ‘Sweet Hips’ was only 4/10 of a point less than ‘Coral Knock Out® of the top scoring rose for ‘Most Outstanding Rose’

Sept. 27th Biltmore Rose Garden Reception

Host of the Award Ceremony Witherspoon Rose, Mr. & Mrs. David Pike of Witherspoon Rose
Center, sponsors of the Award Ceremony Witherspoon Rose, Mr. & Mrs. David Pike of Witherspoon Rose, Susan Fox, and Mr. & Mrs. Dale
Ann & Joe Gibson
Ann & Joe Gibson
Julie Ashman judging roses at Biltmore Rose Trials
Julie Ashman judging roses at Biltmore Rose Trials
Judging the Biltmore Rose Trials
Judging the Biltmore Rose Trials
Carolyn Jolly Windmoyer
Carolyn Jolly Windmoyer, Biltmore Rose Trials Rose Judge
Biltmore Rose Garden Team lead by Parker Andes
Parker Andes, Director of Horticulture, Stacy Weir, Walled Garden Manager, and Bill Quade, Sr. Garden Manager, cutting up for the camera
Susan Fox & Paul Zimmerman at the Reception, Darlene
University of TN Knoxville's expert on Rose Rosette Dr. & Mrs. Mark Windham Whitmore
University of TN Knoxville’s expert on Rose Rosette Dr. & Mrs. Mark Windham Whitmore
Judging the Roses

Until next year that’s the results for this year’s rose trials. You can trust the results of the Biltmore Rose Trials. I judge the roses and I grow them as well. These roses are the best roses you can grow in your home gardens I guarantee.

Judges Listening to Instructions from Paul Zimmerman
Steve Hilker, Susan Fox and Joe Gibson

The Biltmore Rose Trials by Paul Zimmerman Sat. 09/28/19

'Pookah' Polyantha and 'Bejazzo' Climber Winners of Biltmore Rose Trials
Paul Zimmerman | Author of Everyday Roses

Paul Zimmerman Rosarian Extraordinaire, Creator of The Biltmore Rose Trials

Paul Zimmerman lives a life gardeners and rose lovers dream of. He is owner of Paul Zimmerman roses, a company dedicated to Budding the Rose Grower In All Of Us. His credentials include a veritable who’s who in the rose world, among them Dr. Thomas Cairns, past president of both the American Rose Society and World Federation of Rose Societies, Steve Jones, former president of The American Rose Society who introduced him to Old Garden Roses, Bob Edberg of Linberlost Roses and Rose Books. He writes award-winning articles for The Rose, the National Magazine and Annual of the American Rose Society.

'Honorine' at The Biltmore Last Year
‘Honorine’ at The Biltmore Conservatory & Walled Garden

Biltmore Conservatory & Walled Rose Garden

Paul an independent consultant to Jackson & Perkins lectures internationally and serves as an international juror for numerous rose trials. While attending school at UT Austin studying Aerospace Engineering he quickly realized rocket science was not for him and did the next logical thing, he enrolled in clown school, The Dell Arte School of Mime & Comedy in Northern California. He actually toured the country for 15 years doing stand-up comedy where he met his current fiance, Pam.

Judging The Gardens

Phillip Watson of QVC #BiltmoreRoseTrials Rose Judge
Phillip Watson of QVC #BiltmoreRoseTrials Rose Judge

After becoming an ABC TV show head writer for 2 years Paul decided to return to his first love, gardening and roses. Currently he and Pam live on a 27 acre horse farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I had the pleasure to talk with him about how he created the Biltmore Rose Trials that I will be attending as a rose judge next week-end, September 27-29th at the Biltmore Rose Garden in Ashville, NC.

A Heritage Rich In Blooms

Paul’s first Love Is the Beautiful Daffodil First To Bloom In The Spring

Q. Paul, you mentioned you are a first generation American of Dutch parents. One cannot think of Holland without thinking of tulips. Is this part of your heritage? Tell us about yourself and how you came to love roses and be in this business.

One of Paul’s First Roses: ‘Olympiad’

Olympiad, photo Weeks Roses
Olympiad’, photo Weeks Roses

A. While my family has always loved gardening, there is no tradition of anyone being in the horticultural industry. While we love tulips and have planted many on our farm, our main bulb planting has been over 2000 daffodil bulbs that come back year after year. My wife’s heritage is British and she loves daffodils.

‘Alexandria of Kent’ English Roses Example of Pauls First Roses

'Princess Alexandra of Kent'
‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ by #DavidAustinRoses an #EnglishRoses extraordinaire named for the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II Princess Alexandra who loves and maintains a rose garden. #PrincessAlexandraofKent

A. I’ve always loved gardening and in fact had a little lawn care business when I was growing up in Miami, Florida. In the early 1990s I was looking for a career change and took some time off to decide what that should be. I began gardening again and bought three roses, Pristine, Crystalline and Olympiad. After that I bought some David Austin Roses and then some Old Garden Roses. I joined a rose society and then was instrumental in creating a new one – The Tinseltown Rose Society. I was the first Vice President and later President. One day I was helping a member prune their roses when a neighbor walked up and asked me what I would charge to prune their roses. From that came my company Hundred Acre Woods Rosescaping, which grew to four employees caring for over 60 rose gardens in the Los Angeles area. I sold that company when my wife and I moved from Los Angeles to our farm in upstate South Carolina.

Biltmore Rose Trial Winner Polar Express

Spray of 'Polar Express™ Sunbelt®'
Spray of ‘Polar Express™ Sunbelt®’ Rose Arborose® Collection shot taken of winning shrub Sunday, September 26, 2016 Sunbelt®’

Q. As former owner of Ashdown Roses tell us how you came to be a consultant to the Biltmore Estate Rose Gardens.

A. Ashdown Roses occasionally supplied roses and advice to the Biltmore Rose Garden starting in 2002. When I closed Ashdown due to the recession and to focus on other areas of roses, is when I approached Biltmore with the idea of the Trials leading to the Biltmore Garden Rose Collection leading to the recreation of the walled rose garden. Part of my role is consultant to the rose garden.

Q. The Biltmore Garden has 2000 roses with 250 varieties. Do you manage the selection process? Also do you cull out less than stellar producing varieties, etc.

Biltmore Rose Trials Award Table

'Screaming Neon Red' Wins Four Awards Sweeping the #BiltmoreRoseTrials
‘Screaming Neon Red’ Wins Four Awards Sweeping the #BiltmoreRoseTrials

A. I advised the head gardener who was Lucas Jack at the time in the rose garden, on variety selection, design ideas etc. I also helped source the roses, including many new varieties just coming to market. The final decisions on variety selection are made by the head rosarian of the Biltmore,

Q. Frederick Law Olmstead, said to be the founder of American Landscape Architecture, was the landscape architect of the Biltmore gardens. Do you know if the design included the rose garden that is host to the 2000 roses of today, or was it a later addition?

A. The rose garden, in its present location and very similar configuration, was on the first drawings for the Walled Garden done in the early 1890’s and was installed with the original plantings.

Biltmore Walled Rose Garden

The Biltmore Rose Garden
The Biltmore Rose Garden

Q. The Biltmore Estate Rose Garden is host to the International Rose Trials, can you tell us about the role you play in this process.

A. I created the trials, wrote the rules, find the entrants and now run the trials with the help of the wonderful folks at Biltmore. My official title regarding the Trials is Coordinator Of The Biltmore International Rose Trials.

LeeAnn Donnelly publicist for the Biltmore snapped this picture while I was judging the fragrance of ‘Bejazzo’ at the Biltmore Rose Trials. It was in the Ashville Times and has been reprinted around the world

‘Everyday Roses’ by Paul Zimmerman

Paul’s book ‘Everyday Roses’; The casual gardener’s guide to growing Knock Out® Roses and other modern easy care roses was published by Taunton Press February of 2013. It’s available at book stores, garden centers and of course Amazon, Barnes and and so on.