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‘Dick Clark’ in the American Rose Society 2018 Calendar

The American Rose Society prints a calendar each year. They choose pictures from roses submitted from members and sell the calendars to support the American Rose Society. Anyone can buy them and they are very reasonably priced at $15.00. I just bought 7 of them and I probably will buy more because they make perfect gifts. Today I thought I would share my pictures that will be in the American Rose Society 2018 Calendar, and these are the pictures by other members:

Roses For Each Month | American Rose Society Calendar 2018

Most of us use our phones for planning and scheduling but it helps to have one physical calendar to be able to see and write down plans for what everyone is doing for the year. If you are going to have one print calendar make it the most beautiful one available, make it the one from the American Rose Society. 

My next picture chosen was ‘Abraham Darby’ on the January, 2018 page by David Austin Roses

‘Abraham Darby’ by David Austin Roses 2018 ROSES Calendar

ROSES Calendar COVER: ‘Grand Dame’ by Jane Ann Long

JANUARY Major: ‘The Charlatan’ Photo Cliff Orent.
Minor: ‘Abraham Darby’ Photo Susan Fox.
Minor: ‘Canasta’ Photo Mara Friedlander;
Minor: ‘Chicago Peace’ Photo Debbie Friedlander.
Minor: ‘Stranger’ Photo Teresa Mathers.

MAJOR: ‘Bouquet Parfait’ Photo Dona Martin.
MINOR: ‘Easy Does It’ Photo Sue Tiffany.
MINOR ‘Gold Medal’ Photo Richard Bennett;
MINOR: ‘Disneyland Rose’ Photo Kim Harris;
MINOR: ‘Mister Lincoln’ Photo Tom Mayhew.
MAJOR: ‘Dr John Dickman’ Photo Richard Bennett.
MINOR: ‘Love and Peace’ Photo Teresa Mathers.
MINOR: ‘Jacqueline du Pré’ Photo Elena Williams;
MNOR: ‘Aromatherapy’ Photo Scott Becker;
MINOR:‘Watercolors Homerun’ Photo Tina VanCleave.

MAJOR: ‘Reunion’ Photo Richard Howard.
MINOR: ‘Purple Splash’ Photo Scott Becker.
MINOR:‘Iceberg’ Photo Mary Chang;
MINOR: ‘Cl Candy Land’ Photo Jamie Becker;
MINOR: ‘Lovers Lane’ Photo Vicki Agee.
MAJOR: Stanwell Perpetual’ Photo Lou Evans.
MINOR: ‘Social Climber’ Photo Harlow Young*
MINOR: ‘Mermaid’ Photo Susan Brandt Graham;
MINOR: ‘Strike It Rich’ Photo Richard Howard;
MINOR: ‘Fragrant Cloud’ Photo Stan Griep.

MAJOR: ‘Abby’s Angel’ Photo Kathy Kozemchak.
MINOR: ‘Flower Girl’ Photo Richard Bennett.
MINOR: ‘Sunny Sundays’ Photo Richard Howard;
MINOR: ‘Tiddly Winks’ Photo Stan Griep;
MINOR: ‘Touch of Class’ Photo Craig Jansen.

MAJOR: ‘Julia Child’ Photo John Mattia.
MINOR:’Dick Clark’ Photo Susan Fox.
MINOR: ‘Dublin’ Photo Bill Kozemchak;
MINOR: ‘Rainbow Sorbet’ Photo Mariette Riedell;
MINOR: ‘George Burns’ Photo Teresa Mathers.

MAJOR: ‘Playgirl’ Photo Rich Baer.
MINOR:  ‘Cajun Moon’ Photo Cindy Dale.
MINOR: ‘Sunsprite’ Photo Elena Williams;
MINOR: ‘Miss Congeniality’ Photo Jamie Becker;
MINOR: ‘Rose de Rescht’ Photo Elena Williams.

MAJOR: ‘Darcy Bussell’ Photo Bill Kozemchak.
MINOR: ‘Rainbow Knockout’ Photo John Mattia.
MINOR: ‘Dream Come True’ Photo Stephen J. Feltoon;
MINOR: ‘Floranne’ Photo Linda Burg;
MINOR: ‘Hannah Gordon’ Photo Clive Nickerson.

MAJOR: ‘Honey Dijon’ Photo Vicki Agee.
MINOR:  ‘Prairie Sunrise’ Photo Elena Williams.
MINOR: ‘Lucille Ball’ Photo Cliff Orent;
MINOR: ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Photo Dona Martin;
MINOR: ‘Honey Perfume’ Photo Judy Frederick.

MAJOR: ‘Dark Desire’ Photo Harlow Young.
MINOR: ‘Crescendo’ Photo Gregg Ganas.
MINOR: ‘Sunglow’, Photo Linda Burg;
MINOR: ‘Prospero’ Photo Dona Martin;
MINOR: ‘Paul Ecke, Jr’  Photo Kathy Kozemchak.

MAJOR: ‘Dona Martin’ Photo Tom Mayhew.
MINOR: ‘Tess of the D’Ubervilles’ Photo Mary Chang.
MINOR: ‘Sterling Silver’ Photo Lou Evans;
MINOR: ‘The McCartney Rose’, Photo Reese Amorosi;
MINOR: ‘Glitter Girl’ Photo Teresa Mather

About the American Rose Society

*If you haven’t checked out the American Rose Society, current President of the American Rose Society, Pat Shanley believes in sustainable rose gardening and is dedicated to every aspect to growing better roses. She also oversees the magazine the “American Rose” magazine, along with Executive Director, Laura Seabaugh. This magazine is completely dedicated to promoting gardening, education, preservation and appreciation of the rose. The American Rose Society is one of the few societies left that continues to publish a print publication 6 times a year along with several newsletters/bulletins and provides each member with a “Handbook for Selecting Roses” and “Creating a Beautiful Rose Garden” booklet. 
Former president & rose education advocate Jolene Adams believes that the only way to dispel the myth that roses are difficult to grow is rose growing education. The American Rose Society is dedicated to providing you the gardener with education on how to grow better roses. If you haven’t check them out. Rosarians are standing by to answer your questions. 

*Correction: Please note the calendars printed the rose: ‘Social Climber’ with Susan Fox as the photographer however the rose was submitted and photographed by Harlow Young.





Roses, Natures Heart In Nature

'Dick Clark' opening as a perfect heart

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

'Dick Clark' opening as a perfect heart
‘Dick Clark’ opening as a perfect heart in nature

Einsteins Theory of Relativity* in a nutshell says that in the moment that it takes you to read this sentence the room has changed around you. The unseen world is more real than the seen world and is constantly changing. Every rose that we capture in a shutter frame is for ours alone to see and share and gone in a fleeting second.

'Bolero' blooming as a perfect heart in nature
‘Bolero’ blooming as a perfect heart in nature

Showing roses showed me that some folks have a magician’s touch with roses. One such person is Past President of the American Rose Society, (ARS) Don Ballin. Don, prior to being elected President of ARS was president of the Northeastern Illinois Rose Society when I was a member. Don is a rose whisperer. He and his wife Paula played a role in having the rose named as our National Floral Emblem, going to Washington and watching President Ronald Reagan sign the bill into law. I’ve seen Don and Paula ‘blow’ open a rose at a National Convention with a whispered breath. They can force into bloom perfect roses suitable to win the Horace McFarland Memorial National Trophy*, not once, but more times than I can remember. And yet no one on this earth that I have seen can open a rose into the form of a perfect Heart In Nature.

'New Zealand' a perfect heart blooming in nature
‘New Zealand’ a perfect heart blooming in nature

With the wonder of a perfect bloom in mind can you imagine what it means to happen upon nature’s Valentine? A perfect heart opening to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day from my perfectly formed hearts-in-nature Valentines to yours. Love, Gaga.

Dublin Bay a perfect red Heart in Nature
Dublin Bay a perfect red Heart in Nature Back Lit by the Sun

* Einsteins Theory of Relativity

a theory, formulated essentially by Albert Einstein, that all motion must be defined relative to a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, rather than absolute concepts: it consists of two principal parts.

'Moonstone' blooming as a perfect heart in nature
‘Moonstone’ blooming as a perfect heart in nature

** Horace McFarland Memorial National Trophy

An entry of six -seven hybrid tea specimens, each of a different variety, correctly named and exhibited in separate containers

Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy won by John & Donna Hefner
Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy won by John & Donna Hefner, Indianapolis Rose Society, September, 2015





The Boys of Summer Roses

Neil Diamond, new from Weeks Roses 2015 Cataolog

“I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone” ~ Don Henley

The days are getting cooler. The colors of the ‘Boys of Summer’ roses intensify with the kisses of gentle dewdrops at night. Rain creates a wild jungle look and feel to the garden. I love the untamed look of the garden this time of year. ‘Neil Diamond’, new from Weeks Roses in 2015 is a star of the Rose boys club of Summer.
Neil Diamond, new from Weeks Roses 2015 Cataolog
Neil Diamond, new from Weeks Roses 2015 Catalog

Be still my heart. ‘Moonstone’ is a rose I am in love with always and forever.

This master of the garden commands and holds the attention of every head that goes by and will play the role of “King of Show” and happily be “Queen of Show” just as easily. Its a must have for every gardener.
'Moonstone' as at home in the garden as "King of Show"
‘Moonstone’ as at home in the garden as “King of Show”

Uncle Joe’ is the stud in my garden.

He is the biggest, sexiest rose one can find in a bed of roses. He has the most petals by count of any hybrid tea. No pansy is he! If you like a rose with some girth, a real power house then you will love ‘Uncle Joe’. If  ‘Uncle Joe’ were a vehicle he would be Big Daddy’s Dodge Ram. Of course that can be put up for debate. Smiley face.
If 'Uncle Joe' was a vehicle it would be a 'Dodge Ram'
Let me introduce you to Uncle Joe’s alter ego, a Dodge Ram, or If ‘Uncle Joe’ was a vehicle it would be a ‘Dodge Ram’ | ‘

Did you know ‘Sexy Rexy’ was named for movie star Rex Harrison?

Born Reginald Carey Harrison known for his philandering ways and magnetic charm? Still sexy and a charmer in my book. Here it is covered in rain drops.
'Sexy Rexy' named for  movie star Rex Harrison
‘Sexy Rexy’ named for movie star Rex Harrison

One of the most influential, unforgettable men in American history: ‘Mr. Lincoln’

An Illinoisan, no rose garden especially in Illinois is complete without him. He is an American hero, a symbol of strength and freedom and a man of his word that all American Presidents quote and seem to do their best to emulate even today and I imagine God willing even into the future.  Each of you will fill the days of winter with dreams of what the new “Boys of Summer” will come our way next year.
Mr. Lincoln in the Rain
Mr. Lincoln in the Rain

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

'Gene Boerner'
‘Gene Boerner’ The first rose I planted in Illinois to begin my floribunda rose garden | See you next spring

Known as ‘Papa Floribunda’, ‘Gene Boerner’ was the first rose I planted in Illinois

Gene Boerner served as a pilot in WWI, and is the first rose I planted to start over my rose gardens in Illinois. Eugene S. Boerner was born of German parents in Wisconsin, in 1893. He was hired by Jackson & Perkins in 1920, and spent his entire career with them.  “He was  jovial, and had a good sense of humor.” Having grown up in cold Wisconsin, he wanted to create cold hardy roses, like Buck. No wonder this rose does so well in Illinois. This bloom picture was taken after the 3rd coldest winter in Illinois history. Gene Boerner hybridized more than 60 roses during his career at Jackson & Perkins and eleven  were given the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) award. Many rosarians feel it was Eugene Boerner who developed the floribunda into what it is today. I feel it is absolutely fitting that its ‘Eugene Boerner’ that is the first rose I planted for my floribunda rose garden. I shall miss you this winter ‘Eugene Boerner’, but I can count on you for the most magnificent display next spring, God willing.Thank-you Rhode Island Rose Society for some of the information I learned about ‘Gene Boerner’

No story of the ‘Boys of Summer’ can be complete without ‘Playboy’

Keep Warm. Its 41 degrees today. Here is ‘Playboy’, well, actually doing what he is supposed to do, being a ‘Playboy.’
Playboy Being a Playboy
Playboy Being a Playboy

‘Dick Clark’s song plays on long after the “Boys of Summer” are gone

After the ‘Boys of Summer’ are gone for a season their songs play on in our hearts and the roses named after them evoke strong and beautiful memories in our gardens especially for one of the the most famous of them all, ‘Dick Clark’.
Dick Clark Candelabra
Dick Clark Candelabra | His Song Plays on

Nobody on the road, Nobody on the beach, I feel it in the air, The Summer’s out of reach ~ Don Henley

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