Rose Garden Easter Snowmageddon

Happy Easter from Gaga's Garden Geese Family

Hallelujah! The geese family is all decked out in their Easter Regalia.  It was touch and “snow” due to snowmageddon. Readers of Gaga’s Garden will remember when the Geese Girls were kidnapped from their Plano, Texas home one Easter never to be seen again. Everyone was saddened by their disappearance. Continue Reading

The Evolution of The Knock Out® Rose, A Talk with Dr. Tommy Cairns

Dr. Tommy Cairns, internationally renowned rose expert and exhibitor

Knock-Knock who’s there? Knock Out® is who’s there! Who’s not there? Hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribunda roses. The Knock Out® rose has become part of landscape designers staple planting. They offer an easy maintenance solution for the seasonal gardener and landscape companies who plant and maintain gardens. Here’s where the Continue Reading

The Sensual Rose Garden Experience

Visual Explosion of The Garden

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses ~ Hanna Rion   Your garden will engage all your senses if you are open to the power that surrounds you there. Five senses will be enrapt, certainly. The 6th perhaps. You can experience your garden on Continue Reading

Presidents’ Day Pruning & Mr. Lincoln, The Rose

Mr. Lincoln in Full Bloom

Presidents’ Day Pruning? Presidents’ Day and Ground Hog’s Day have something in common. They can be false indicators of an early spring. For three springs I have written about Pruning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PPTSD). I will sum this disorder up for you. It’s real and it caused me enough Continue Reading

Signs of Spring and How To Plant A Bare Root Rose

Signs of Spring Daffodils

“It seems that Canadian Geese are one of the most followed bird groups in the US. Their overhead migrations are a sure sign of the changing of the seasons.” ~ Lisa Shea