Garden Legends David C. H. Austin Snr Epic Rose Legacy Lives On

A Tribute to David Austin
‘Litchfield Angel’; ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’; ‘Abraham Darby’
His Roses Grown & Photographed by Susan Fox

David Austin Roses Announced: “It is with great sadness that the Austin family announces the passing of David C. H. Austin Snr OBE VMH, rosarian and founder of David Austin Roses. David Snr died peacefully at his home in Shropshire, in the U.K on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018, surrounded by his family. He was 92.” If you would like to share your memories and condolences with David Austin Roses, please email them to:

David C.H. Austin | ‘Graham Thomas’

The Father of English Roses

“He will be remembered as one of the greatest rosarians and rose breeders of all time who is responsible for creating the world’s first horticultural brand. With over 240 varieties to his name, he was still absolutely passionate about developing new varieties of English Roses until the very end. He died already knowing what the future may hold, having planned and undertaken the next crosses, which will hopefully create a new rose that will be introduced in nine years’ time.” David Austin Roses

Garden Legends Live On By Designs & Impressions They Leave on The Earth | Our Hearts and Minds

According to Shropshire Star reporter Rory Smith, David Austin Junior, son and managing director of the company for the last 25 years said: “My Father – or Mr A as he was affectionately known within the wider Austin family – was a remarkable man.

David Austin, of David Austin Roses in one of his greenhouses in Albrighton, U.K.

The article goes on to state: “His presence will be sorely missed within the global family company that he created. But the passion he instilled will continue and we will hold true to my father’s vision when he founded the company almost 50 years ago.”

“His love for the art of rose breeding was truly inspiring – he loved nothing more than seeing the pleasure that his roses gave to others.

The company said although it would be a difficult time for the family, the business would continue as usual.

“We will continue to honour Mr Austin Snr’s memory with vigour and passion in all that we do and in the plants that we love,” they said.

The Future

The Shropshire Star article went on to state that David Austin Roses said: “Our success is very much built on our family’s values and ethics and we have no plans to change this. And in the future a special rose could be bred in his name.”

“It is difficult to contemplate a rose that justifies Mr Austin Snr’s name as this would suggest that his ambition had been reached. It is, however, something we would very much like to do in time.”

American Rose Society Calendar of Roses 2018 | Photographers | Roses

‘Dick Clark’ in the American Rose Society 2018 Calendar

The American Rose Society prints a calendar each year. They choose pictures from roses submitted from members and sell the calendars to support the American Rose Society. Anyone can buy them and they are very reasonably priced at $15.00. I just bought 7 of them and I probably will buy more because they make perfect gifts. Today I thought I would share my pictures that will be in the American Rose Society 2018 Calendar, and these are the pictures by other members:

Roses For Each Month | American Rose Society Calendar 2018

Most of us use our phones for planning and scheduling but it helps to have one physical calendar to be able to see and write down plans for what everyone is doing for the year. If you are going to have one print calendar make it the most beautiful one available, make it the one from the American Rose Society. 

My next picture chosen was ‘Abraham Darby’ on the January, 2018 page by David Austin Roses

‘Abraham Darby’ by David Austin Roses 2018 ROSES Calendar

ROSES Calendar COVER: ‘Grand Dame’ by Jane Ann Long

JANUARY Major: ‘The Charlatan’ Photo Cliff Orent.
Minor: ‘Abraham Darby’ Photo Susan Fox.
Minor: ‘Canasta’ Photo Mara Friedlander;
Minor: ‘Chicago Peace’ Photo Debbie Friedlander.
Minor: ‘Stranger’ Photo Teresa Mathers.

MAJOR: ‘Bouquet Parfait’ Photo Dona Martin.
MINOR: ‘Easy Does It’ Photo Sue Tiffany.
MINOR ‘Gold Medal’ Photo Richard Bennett;
MINOR: ‘Disneyland Rose’ Photo Kim Harris;
MINOR: ‘Mister Lincoln’ Photo Tom Mayhew.
MAJOR: ‘Dr John Dickman’ Photo Richard Bennett.
MINOR: ‘Love and Peace’ Photo Teresa Mathers.
MINOR: ‘Jacqueline du Pré’ Photo Elena Williams;
MNOR: ‘Aromatherapy’ Photo Scott Becker;
MINOR:‘Watercolors Homerun’ Photo Tina VanCleave.

MAJOR: ‘Reunion’ Photo Richard Howard.
MINOR: ‘Purple Splash’ Photo Scott Becker.
MINOR:‘Iceberg’ Photo Mary Chang;
MINOR: ‘Cl Candy Land’ Photo Jamie Becker;
MINOR: ‘Lovers Lane’ Photo Vicki Agee.
MAJOR: Stanwell Perpetual’ Photo Lou Evans.
MINOR: ‘Social Climber’ Photo Harlow Young*
MINOR: ‘Mermaid’ Photo Susan Brandt Graham;
MINOR: ‘Strike It Rich’ Photo Richard Howard;
MINOR: ‘Fragrant Cloud’ Photo Stan Griep.

MAJOR: ‘Abby’s Angel’ Photo Kathy Kozemchak.
MINOR: ‘Flower Girl’ Photo Richard Bennett.
MINOR: ‘Sunny Sundays’ Photo Richard Howard;
MINOR: ‘Tiddly Winks’ Photo Stan Griep;
MINOR: ‘Touch of Class’ Photo Craig Jansen.

MAJOR: ‘Julia Child’ Photo John Mattia.
MINOR:’Dick Clark’ Photo Susan Fox.
MINOR: ‘Dublin’ Photo Bill Kozemchak;
MINOR: ‘Rainbow Sorbet’ Photo Mariette Riedell;
MINOR: ‘George Burns’ Photo Teresa Mathers.

MAJOR: ‘Playgirl’ Photo Rich Baer.
MINOR:  ‘Cajun Moon’ Photo Cindy Dale.
MINOR: ‘Sunsprite’ Photo Elena Williams;
MINOR: ‘Miss Congeniality’ Photo Jamie Becker;
MINOR: ‘Rose de Rescht’ Photo Elena Williams.

MAJOR: ‘Darcy Bussell’ Photo Bill Kozemchak.
MINOR: ‘Rainbow Knockout’ Photo John Mattia.
MINOR: ‘Dream Come True’ Photo Stephen J. Feltoon;
MINOR: ‘Floranne’ Photo Linda Burg;
MINOR: ‘Hannah Gordon’ Photo Clive Nickerson.

MAJOR: ‘Honey Dijon’ Photo Vicki Agee.
MINOR:  ‘Prairie Sunrise’ Photo Elena Williams.
MINOR: ‘Lucille Ball’ Photo Cliff Orent;
MINOR: ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Photo Dona Martin;
MINOR: ‘Honey Perfume’ Photo Judy Frederick.

MAJOR: ‘Dark Desire’ Photo Harlow Young.
MINOR: ‘Crescendo’ Photo Gregg Ganas.
MINOR: ‘Sunglow’, Photo Linda Burg;
MINOR: ‘Prospero’ Photo Dona Martin;
MINOR: ‘Paul Ecke, Jr’  Photo Kathy Kozemchak.

MAJOR: ‘Dona Martin’ Photo Tom Mayhew.
MINOR: ‘Tess of the D’Ubervilles’ Photo Mary Chang.
MINOR: ‘Sterling Silver’ Photo Lou Evans;
MINOR: ‘The McCartney Rose’, Photo Reese Amorosi;
MINOR: ‘Glitter Girl’ Photo Teresa Mather

About the American Rose Society

*If you haven’t checked out the American Rose Society, current President of the American Rose Society, Pat Shanley believes in sustainable rose gardening and is dedicated to every aspect to growing better roses. She also oversees the magazine the “American Rose” magazine, along with Executive Director, Laura Seabaugh. This magazine is completely dedicated to promoting gardening, education, preservation and appreciation of the rose. The American Rose Society is one of the few societies left that continues to publish a print publication 6 times a year along with several newsletters/bulletins and provides each member with a “Handbook for Selecting Roses” and “Creating a Beautiful Rose Garden” booklet. 
Former president & rose education advocate Jolene Adams believes that the only way to dispel the myth that roses are difficult to grow is rose growing education. The American Rose Society is dedicated to providing you the gardener with education on how to grow better roses. If you haven’t check them out. Rosarians are standing by to answer your questions. 

*Correction: Please note the calendars printed the rose: ‘Social Climber’ with Susan Fox as the photographer however the rose was submitted and photographed by Harlow Young.





People Make Plants Come Alive at IGC

P. Allen Smith & me holding his beautiful rooster Edwin at #G2B14 in Little Rock, AR

P. Allen Smith & me holding his beautiful rooster Edwin at #G2B14 in Little Rock, AR
P. Allen Smith & me holding his beautiful rooster Edwin at #G2B14 in Little Rock, AR

Do plants give life to people or do people give life to plants? It’s the age old chicken or the egg causality dilemma, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” At The Independent Garden Show last week in Chicago, August 19-21, I had reason to ponder this theory. When I post pictures of the people behind the plant scene y’all say, “What’s with all the people?! We want to see plants and roses! Show us what new plants are there!” OK. Then when I post the newest plants inevitably y’all say “Who was there?!” Here is my theory:

Kate Porter from David Austin Roses, UK
Kate Porter from David Austin Roses, UK

People give life to plants

The Independent Garden Show Jeff and Cheryl Morey, Show Owners and their Management Team know and apply this theory quite well and brought us a world class event in the most idyllic setting along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan at Navy Pier, captivating the gardening world with new and exciting things we want to see, offering information we are eager to learn, while entertaining us and engaging the larger audience via multi-channels of social media.

Jeff kicked off the show by interviewing key note speaker Martha Stewart in a comfortable morning talk show setting where Martha was at ease sharing pictures of her garden and tips to a standing room only crowd.

Martha Stewart Live with Jeff Morey at IGC
Martha Stewart Live with Jeff Morey at IGC


Here are 3 takeaways from Jeff Morey’s talk with Martha Stewart:

  • Folks want plant variety that only an Independent Garden Center offers
  • Smaller plants are a much better value for today’s gardener and for the financially strapped shopper her advice is “they’ll grow.”
  • She knows time is also of short supply so easy care plants are essential


Jerry Amoroso, Mr. Rose of Weeks Roses
Jerry Amoroso, Mr. Rose himself, truly a ‘Class Act’ of Weeks Roses




Here are the key people behind the scenes that give life to the plants that you love: Weeks Roses was there with Karen Kemp-Docksteader and her sales team including NE Sales, Jerry Amororso who I coined, Mr. Rose himself. They were debuting their 2015 rose collection including famous Downton Abbey’s ‘Anna’s Promise’.





David Austin Team at IGC, Kate Porter from the UK & Shellie Reese, Tyler
David Austin Team at IGC, Kate Porter from the UK & Shellie Reese, Tyler

Kate Porter, commercial & projects manager for David Austin Roses had flown over from the UK and Shellie Reese from the Tyler, Texas office was there as they showed the David Austin beautiful new collection of roses. The David Austin Team was constantly busy with new orders. Their “Simple-to-Grow Roses” Campaign and demand of English roses is growing in the US and I witnessed it in action while I was at their exhibit.

David Austin Rose 'Carding Mill'
David Austin Rose ‘Carding Mill’ at the Independent Garden Show in Chicago




Shannon Springer Up Close with New Proven Winner shrub rose 'Livable La Vida'
Adorable Shannon Springer Gets Up Close with New Proven Winner shrub rose ‘Livable La Vida’

The Proven Winner’s Team was there with so many beautiful plants. Of course I saw that doll Shannon Springer who was at P. Allen Smith’s Garden 2 Blog 2014 event with me. And I can’t forget ‘John Vodka’, (Josh) and wonderful Jeanine Standard! These folks are all the people that bring us the plants that we love. Tony Abruscato, owner of The Chicago Flower & Garden Show, Greenmark PR and The Seedkeepers Thank-you one and all!

Jeanine Standard of Proven Winners kindly said "Susan you get on over there by 'Vermillionaire and I'll take your picture" So here it is! Great picture Jeanine! ;)
Jeanine Standard of Proven Winners kindly said “Susan you get on over there by ‘Vermillionaire and I’ll take your picture” So here it is! Great picture Jeanine! 😉








Tony Abruscato, Mr. Chicago Flower & Garden Show and I pause for a minute to take in all the excitement at the great show!
Tony Abruscato, Mr. Chicago Flower & Garden Show and I pause for a minute to take in all the excitement at the great show!

Tony Abruscato, owner of The Chicago Flower & Garden Show as we put our heads together already talking about the show in March! There were so many wonderful people there that are behind the scenes that make the plants that you love come alive everyday. Look for the album that I will post to Facebook with more plant pictures.

Shannon Springer of Proven Winners and Sue Markgraf of Greenmark PR
Shannon Springer of Proven Winners and Sue Markgraf of Greenmark PR



Chris Thier from Laguna Ponds, Star of P. Allen Smith's G2B Happy Dance Video, See the video on my home page!
Chris Thier from Laguna Ponds, Star of P. Allen Smith’s G2B Happy Dance Video, See the video on my home page!



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Garden Girl Gloves