3 Climbing Roses ‘Big As A Barn’

'Stormy Weather'
'Above and Beyond' As Big as a Barn
‘Above and Beyond’ As Big as a Barn Ready to Burst Into Bloom

One qustion I am ask frequently is “what’s a great climbing rose?” Here are three early spring blooming climbing roses. Two that are as “big as a barn.” One is a compact ‘mysterious deep smoky purple that’s simply a stunner!

1. Above and Beyond’ LCI

  1. Winter hardy
  2. No-spray
  3. Minimal care
  4. Highly Fragrant
    'Above and Beyond' loaded with buds | Hydridized by Dr. David Zlesak | Winter Hardy, Easy-Care
    ‘Above and Beyond’ Large Flowered Climber loaded with rose buds | Hybridized by Dr. David Zlesak | Winter Hardy, Easy-Care, no-spray

    'Above and Beyond' loaded with buds as 'Big As A Barn'
    ‘Above and Beyond’ loaded with buds as ‘Big As A Barn’ | Next to ‘Above and ‘Beyond’ is Proven Winners Oso Easy ‘Paprika’ and ‘Fragrant Speader’

It is winter hardy, no-spray, minimal care and so enchantingly fragrant. Although it blooms just once a year in the spring, its worth having just for this spectacular bloom.

'Above and Beyond' Roses in Bloom in the Rose Garden
‘Above and Beyond’ Roses in Bloom

2. ‘Nevada’ Hybrid Moyesii

  1. Winter hardy
  2. Minimal care
  3. Blooms twice per year, white in the spring, pink in the fall!
  4. Highly fragrant

When the gentle spring breeze blows its petals appear to look as if the entire bush is filled with butterflies. The fragrance is divine.

'Nevada' petals looks like butterflies when the wind blows the petals
‘Nevada’ looks like butterflies when the wind blows the petals
'Nevada' Hybrid Moyessii | Blooms twice a year, very fragrant
‘Nevada’ Hybrid Moyessii | Blooms twice a year, very fragrant
'Nevada' a Hybrid Moyesii "loaded with buds ready to burst into its spring bloom 'big as a barn'
‘Nevada’ a Hybrid Moyesii “loaded with buds ready to burst into its spring bloom ‘big as a barn’
'Stormy Weather'
‘Stormy Weather’ appearing as big as a barn

3. ‘Stormy Weather’ LCI Large Flowered Climber

  1. Mid-size climber with full size roses, 8-10 feet
  2. Repeat blooms in uncommon intense color, creating the perfect contrast w/oranges, reds, whites & yellows.
  3. Fragrant­
    'Stormy Weather'
    ‘Stormy Weather’ Rose Blossom

    'Stormy Weather'
    ‘Stormy Weather’ beginning to blooming

P. Allen Smith Garden2Blog 2014 Event Announced

P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Sho
P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Sho
P. Allen Smith at Proven Winner Booth at IGC Show, Susan Fox

Pretty, sharp, and professional, Mimi San Pedro, CMO of P. Allen Smith at the Proven Winners display during the #IGCShow last August greeted me instantly. Delighted to wait while P. Allen mesmerized the crowd with the new Proven Winners Purple Passion and to meet him in person, I was tickled ‘Supertunia Picasso in Pink’ to be invited to The Chopping Block event that P. Allen was privately hosting that evening.

Chopping Block Chef
Chopping Block Chef

Folks let me tell you P. Allen dazzled us with his charm, wit and talent. He was a ‘Sunsatia’n. His good energy is boundless. I told you all that… to say this. Mimi has graciously extended an invitation to the P.Allen Smith annual Garden2Blog event in May where some of the most talented Garden Writers and Bloggers will be attending. It will be sponsored by your favorite products, who I would like to personally extend my thanks as well. Paul Allen Smith is a television host, designer, gardening and lifestyle expert. He is the host of two public television programs, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, and P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and the syndicated 30-minute show Garden Style.[1] His television show P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home has been aired on PBS member stations and in syndication on other networks.[2] Smith is one of America’s most recognized garden and design experts, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media venues.[1] He is the author of the best-selling Garden Home series of books published by Clarkson Potter/Random House, including Bringing the Garden Indoors: Container, Crafts and Bouquets for Every Room and the recently published cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden, inspired by the abundance of food from his farm and a family of cooks. In 2014, Smith’s television shows took the Taste Awards by storm with Smith returning to Little Rock with four Taste Awards.[1][ Source wikipedia

A Basket of Proven Winners
A Hanging Basket of Proven Winners

It’s good to support products that keep us, our gardens and families growing strong and beautiful. I’ve listed the attendees and sponsors so you can visit their Web sites. Many of these folks I am familiar with their work and I’ve learned a great deal from them. Their Web sites are a treasure trove of gardening information and fun. I have a goal on my trip: experience the P.Allen Smith adventure and share it with you like you were there and hopefully you can visit P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home in Little Rock in the future as well. I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing everyone I know in May!

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Pics are from #IGC
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Bonnie Plants Bonnie Plants
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Roses, Relationships and Social Media

Stormy Weather, LCI with a Pollinator | Its All About Relationships

“I shall be telling this with a sigh  Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,  And that has made all the difference”  Robert Frost


Stormy Weather, LCI with a Pollinator | Its All About Relationships
Stormy Weather with a Pollinator | Its All About Relationships

Social Media is about engaging in relationships.


This is a case study of roses, relationships and social media. It’s also about convergence. This is a story of how the relationship of online friends that developed because of their passion for roses resulted in assisting a customer of Heirloom Roses. It’s also about the creed of consulting rosarians but that’s another day.


I received this Facebook direct message from Consulting Rosarian, Dennis Niklas from Oklahoma City:

“Cheryl at Heirloom Roses has a customer that lives in southern Indiana and needs advice on best roses that grow there. Would you contact (message) Cheryl with advice on Heirloom roses Facebook page?”


Inquiring Minds Want To Know!


Q.) I live in southern Indiana. Is there a certain type of rose that I’d need for my location and also is there a certain time of year that new rose bushes need to be planted? I’ve always wanted to grow beautiful roses, but am unable to do a lot of yard work.


Dear Southern Indiana Rose Lover,


You mention a few key facts 

·      You are located in Southern Indiana

·      You want to grow beautiful roses

·      You have limited time to do yard work

Let’s have some fun planning your rose garden. 


Gene Boerner Magnificent Floribunda, 2013 spring bloom
Floribundas Rose Garden All In Bloom, Spring Bloom

Is There A Certain Type of Rose That I’d Need for My Location?

You can choose from Floribundas, Grandifloras, Hybrid Teas, Miniatures, Minifloras, Old Garden Roses, Shrubs or David Austin roses, just to name a few.

Based on the fact many new rosarians love a garden filled with lots of color and blooms I would recommend choosing Floribunda roses because of their profusion of bloom and rapid repeating bloom cycle.


You have many types of roses that grow well in Southern Indiana. Plant hardiness Zone B is the zone I think you are in. To be sure, go to one of the links below and enter your zip code. I entered the southern most city in Indiana, which is Evansville, Indiana. Both PlantMaps and the
USDA Plant Hardiness Plant links have determined that Southern Indiana plant hardiness zone is 6B. Your plant hardiness zone helps determine lots of information. For now, the most important information is this: what’s usually the last day of a hard freeze in the springtime and the first day if a hard frost in the fall. This is crucial information for all gardeners.


Minimal Care Roses Are For You

Based on the info you provided I would advise you to choose minimal care roses. Here’s some great information to start your new rose garden. Roses that are grown on their own root system tend to be more winter hardy and disease resistant. Heirloom sells only own-root, virus free roses.

However, Heirloom Roses ships their plants all year long.


N. Elevated Rose Garden 2013
Spring Bloom 2013

What Time of Year Is The Best Time To Plant Roses


I prefer to plant roses in the springtime. Here’s a plan: Heirloom Roses new catalog is coming out in the fall. Plan your garden, order in February or so and plant your new rose garden after the very last chance of frost in your plant hardiness zone. Go to www.ars.org and locate your nearest rose society and any consulting rosarian member will assist you with further questions.


Beautiful Roses for Your Location


Here are a few choices that I have grown and are extremely hardy, beautiful and minimal care Floribunda roses and are in the Heirloom Catalog:

Julia Child
Julia Child

Julia Child

Hot Cocoa Candelabra
Hot Cocoa Candelabra


Cherry Parfait


Honey Perfume

Twilight Zone

Climbing Roses You Would Love:

4th of July

Night Owl, LCI Spray
Night Owl, LCI Spray

Night Owl

Stormy Weather

Heirloom sells a Shrub Rose that is almost perfection however shrub roses do better when you plant more than one together and I have found this to be true. The name of the shrub roses is Bonica.



Roses need a location with 6-8 hours of sun, rose fertilizer & water. All you add is love. Enjoy your new rose garden. More than half the fun is planning and anticipation of the spring bloom.